How Can Your Spouse Support During an Abortion?

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Medical Abortion

Abortion is often necessary for a woman yet a difficult decision to deal with. She expects to be treated with dignity and respect. An abortion may give her anxiety, nevertheless, she can be calmed down if she gets much-needed support from her partner.

Practical support

  • Learn more about medical abortion. Understand the mechanism and dosage. Help her out understanding the same.
  • You could buy online abortion pills for her.
  • Stay with her throughout the procedure. She may require urgent help.
  • She may fall ill or have other several side effects of medication which are likely to happen upon the completion of the pregnancy termination procedure. Look after her and consult a physician for the necessary medication required to cure her illness.
  • Most times, the solution for side effects is some good rest and less physical exertion. For this, you may have to help her to recover from the abortion.
  • Try to understand her feelings. Ask her what she wants to do. She may want to talk to you and do nothing else. Let her pour out her feelings.

Emotional support

Since medical abortion is an easy method of terminating a pregnancy at home, all the support that she needs is often emotional support. You may want to take into consideration the following things before anything.

  • Listen to her and support her decision.
  • Let her know that you are not leaving her at all odds. She will not have to face the abortion phase alone. Assure her that she will get out of this situation soon.
  • She may come out fretful about the whole pregnancy termination process, however, you have to comfort her with your presence.

How your partner might feel after an abortion

A female can possibly have mixed feelings about the whole abortion phase.

She may experience a positive change :

  • She may feel hopeful about her life getting back on track post-abortion.
  • This abortion stage can possibly get you emotionally closer.
  • She would learn the importance of abortion kits, fertility, and contraception which would make her more careful.
  • She wants a child in the future.
  • This experience may make her strong enough to take important decisions in her life.
  • She may feel relieved by unwanted prospects.

However, she may feel negative feelings such as – 

  • The abortion process may create insecurities in her mind about her health. Also, she may feel insecure about your relationship due to her decision to buy abortion pills.   
  • She may react to the situation in a very anxious way getting pregnant and ending up in a messed up situation.  (Which may not be the case always)
  • People around her may disappoint her due to a lack of support. You should make sure that she isn’t feeling alone in all this. 

When a woman expresses her feelings in safe, supportive, and independent surroundings, she is more likely to feel overwhelmed and get a fast recovery. Further, this helps to boost her confidence. She experiences a sense of relief and is capable of taking decisions. Speaking to you will be a lot more helpful than anything else in seeking support.

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