How early can you get an abortion pill?

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How-early-can-you-get-an-abortion-pillMost women know that medical abortion can be performed if the gestation of pregnancy is up to 9 weeks of gestation. However, very few know how early a woman can take abortion pills. Though it is easy to buy an abortion pill kit online and end the pregnancy, no woman should make the abortion decision in a hurry, neither should she delay deciding the method of abortion.

You can end the pregnancy as soon as you know that you’re pregnant. But, here are a few things that you need to know about aborting the pregnancy using abortion pills.

Confirming your pregnancy:

Before you take abortion pills, what’s the first thing that you’re told by experts? That’s right! “Are you pregnant?”. Sometimes, pregnancy-like symptoms can fool you to believe that you’re pregnant.

What are the symptoms of pregnancy?

Swollen breasts.
Slight bleeding
Dry vomiting
Cravings for certain foods
Mood swings

If you observe these symptoms, that can help you understand that you’re pregnant. But are you really? That’s why it is essential to confirm your pregnancy. Secondly, you have to ensure that the pregnancy is not ectopic, meaning growing outside the uterus.

You can visit the nearest clinic to know about this status. Abortion pills do not work on ectopic pregnancy. In fact, it can create health complications if the user plans to undergo the medical termination of pregnancy.

Once you know that you’re pregnant, you can see the gestation of pregnancy. To be eligible for a medical abortion, it has to be within nine weeks. For pregnancy, after nine weeks of gestation, should be ended using the surgical method of abortion.

There are a few other eligibility factors which the user has to meet while ending the unwanted pregnancy using abortion pills. The following points help you understand that you should not take abortion pills if you are:

The pregnancy is ectopic.
The user is taking on-term corticosteroids.
The user has certain genetic diseases.
She does not know how to use abortion pills.
She does not wish to follow the directions given by healthcare experts.
She does not have clinics close by for emergency cases.
She happens to have health issues relating to the heart, liver, and/or kidney.
She has taken an IUD for pregnancy prevention.
She has health concerns relating to abnormal bleeding.

In the above cases, even if you’re pregnant and within nine weeks of pregnancy gestation, you are not eligible to have abortion pills and perform medical termination of pregnancy.

So when you confirm that you are pregnant and you are meeting all the eligibility factors of medical abortion, you buy MTP  pill kit from local stores or online pharmacies to perform a medical abortion.

Also, it is suggested that you thoroughly understand the procedure of abortion, know how the pills are supposed to be taken, and only then proceed. Prefer going for a genuine online pharmacy where you would find safe abortion pills. You can even speak to their team to know how they help during the abortion process.

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