How effective is Mifeprex and Cytolog combination?

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How-effective-is-Mifeprex-and-Cytolog-combinationMifeprex and Cytolog is an abortion drug combination which contributes to a successful pregnancy termination procedure. For an unwanted (normal ) pregnancy within 63 days of gestation, one can rely on Mifeprex and Cytolog combination. To leverage the utmost efficacy of abortion pills, the user should strictly follow the instruction given by her healthcare provider. The user should neither compromise with the precautions guided during the medical abortion process.

This blog explains the effectiveness of Mifeprex and Cytolog abortion pills.

Where to buy the abortion pill:

Abortion pills are easily available in local pharmacy stores. There are many e-pharmacies too. The way you can get Mifeprex pills here, you can also buy cytolog abortion pill online. You can order Misoprostol online as an alternative for Cytolog. Both pills have similar efficacy on an unwanted pregnancy of up to 63 days.

The consumption of Mifeprex and Cytolog:

Both abortion pills have different ways of administering. While one pill of Mifeprex is expected to be taken orally with water, the consumption of Cytolog pills involves 4 medicines. Cytolog can be taken buccally or vaginally depending on your comfort and choice. You should speak to your healthcare provider to better understand the consumption of Cytolog and Mifeprex. There should be a gap of 24 hours between the consumption of two medicines.

The working of Mifeprex and Cytolog:

In the medical abortion procedure, firstly, the development of pregnancy is stopped. This is done through the anti-progesterone components in the first pill. Secondly, the pregnancy tissues are ejected from the body. This is performed through hormonal changes made in the lining of the uterus. When the prostaglandin constituents contract the womb, fetal contents get removed through vaginal bleeding.

The symptoms showing the efficacy of the drug combination:

Abdominal Cramps – experienced within 3-4 hours after Cytolog consumption
Vaginal bleeding- Experienced within 24 hours after Cytolog consumption

These two are key indicators of the efficacy of Mifeprex and Cytolog abortion pills. However, you should take a pregnancy test to ensure that the pregnancy has been ended successfully. You can conduct this test around two weeks after the abortion pill consumption.

The side effects:

The temporary effects of the drug combination include excessive bleeding, headache, nauseous feeling, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. You may not have to treat them with additional medication unless the case is extreme. Speak to your physician for any severe or long-lasting side effect experience.

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