How late is too late to have an abortion?

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how-late-is-too-late-to-have-abortionSince medical abortion is a non-invasive technique of ending an unwanted pregnancy, it is preferred by most women around the world. Also, as you can easily get an abortion pill by online, its easy availability on the internet makes it a widely used method of pregnancy termination. That being said, the method has certain limitations which makes it necessary for a woman to understand its pros and cons. One of the drawbacks is its time limitation.

Medical abortion procedure:

The medical abortion, in other words, medical termination of pregnancy takes place through abortion pills such as Mifepristone and Misoprostol. You can even get MTP kit which is easily available as an online abortion pill.

When you consume these abortion medicines, the elements in it, make hormonal changes in the body. These hormonal changes primarily involve fighting against with the progesterone hormones in the body and contracting the uterine lining.

Ideally, one pill of Mifepristone – 200 mg and four pills of Misoprostol – 200 mcg is a combination that works effectively on a first-trimester pregnancy.

The gestation of pregnancy:

The gestation of pregnancy has to be up to 9 weeks. It means the pregnancy gestation has to be below 9 weeks and not more than that. For such a pregnancy, abortion pills may not be effective enough to end the pregnancy. If you have already crossed 9 weeks of pregnancy gestation, it is considered as too late to undergo a medical abortion.

If you are ordering online, learn the shipping time and order abortion pills accordingly. The sooner you administer abortion pills, the less complex its procedure will be.

The age:

Abortion pills work only on a normal pregnancy. If your age is more than 40 years, there are high chances of complication in your pregnancy and hence, healthcare providers typically advise not having a medical abortion at this age.

What can be done?

To ensure that you do not cross the pregnancy gestation limit for ending an unwanted pregnancy, you can do the following-

  • Take pregnancy tests in any case where you have missed your period and have had sexual intercourse.
  • Understand the symptoms of pregnancy and observe the same.
  • Buy online abortion pills so that you can receive them at home at the earliest.

To avoid unwanted pregnancy, you can buy birth control pills or similar contraception method. This does not put you in a situation where you have to have an abortion.

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