How long after an abortion pill can you get pregnant?

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Though women choose to have a medical abortion, they do not always mean that getting pregnant is bad. Women only wait until they are ready for raising a child. Hence, most people from society do not understand the concept of abortion and why women should be given rights to perform it.

This blog helps you understand how long after an abortion can you conceive. If you have chosen to buy MTP pill kit online to end the pregnancy at home, make sure that the online pharmacy is genuine, offering safe and effective abortion pills.

How much time does it take to end an unwanted pregnancy?

It takes around 7 days to complete a medical abortion procedure. When you buy abortion pill kit online, there’s a combination of two medicines, Mifepristone and Misoprostol that together with end the pregnancy.

These medicines make hormonal alterations in the uterus and pass fetal tissues from the body. Cramping and bleeding are the two changes that help you understand that abortion is underway.

How does it impact your future pregnancies?

Abortion pills have only a few temporary side effects. They include nausea, vomiting, sickness, upset stomach, fatigue, etc. As you can see that none of the side effects is permanent, the medications are safe for future pregnancies too.

The working of abortion pills does not interfere with the ovulation of the woman or her fertility. Hence, after you end an unwanted pregnancy, you can get pregnant

What should you do to get pregnancy soon after the medical abortion?

If you are planning to get pregnant soon after the medical abortion, consult with your healthcare provider. Generally, the doctor suggests waiting for a 2-3 weeks after the process has ended.

Speaking of fertility, it remains the same after the medical termination of pregnancy. The menstrual cycle resume within a month. You can check your fertility level and have unprotected sexual intercourse when the fertility is highest. This way, you can increase the chances of conceiving.

However, if you do not wish to get pregnant soon after the abortion, use protection when you’ll have sex. Multiple abortions can create health complications.

Some precautionary tips:

Do not have sexual intercourse. Having sexual intercourse during the medical abortion procedure can increase the risks of infection.

Similarly, it is advised that not to insert anything in the vagina during or soon after the medical pregnancy termination.

Follow every instruction given for medical abortion. This can help you recover from the procedure and plan your pregnancy the soonest.

The next time you plan your pregnancy after an abortion, you can learn more about pregnancy care and other important things that are involved in parenting.

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