How many days after pregnancy can you medically abort?

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days-after-pregnancy-for-abortionWhen you mtp kit for medical abortion, especially an online MTP kit, the first concern that you should have is that are you eligible to take this kit? It is important that you visit your healthcare provider and know how many weeks you are into your pregnancy ensuring that the pregnancy is normal.

Medical abortion is indeed a safe method of pregnancy termination which is recommended by many women around the world. However, the method has its limitations. The effectiveness of abortion pills depends on many factors. Being pregnant and the gestation of pregnancy are the two important factors among rest. Ideally, a woman can end her unwanted pregnancy if the gestation of pregnancy is up to 9 weeks.

The abortion pills are effective on pregnancies up to 9 weeks of gestation. The antiprogesterone and prostaglandin constituents in the pills detach the pregnancy from the womb and expel its tissues from the body through vaginal bleeding.

When this process is underway, women experience cramps in the abdomen area continuing for a few hours along with heavy bleeding lasting for around a week or more.

What should you do if the pregnancy cannot be ended with the medications?

The components of abortion pills such as Mifeprex are not strong enough to work on pregnancies with more than 9 weeks of gestation. If you took the pills on such a pregnancy, this may end up with complications with the pregnancy termination procedure or your health. The chances of incomplete abortion are high for any such case.

Cases where the abortion pills do not work even on the pregnancy of below 9 weeks gestation, healthcare providers advise repeating the dosage of Cytolog (prostaglandin pills in the medicine combination). However, even then, the healthcare provider examines the process only then allows the user to take the additional abortion pill dosage.

If you are pregnant with more than 9 weeks of pregnancy, it is advised that you look for other options of terminating an unwanted pregnancy. Suction or dilation methods which fall under surgical abortion procedures can ways of ending an unwanted pregnancy in the second trimester up to 21 weeks.

MTP kit and abortion pills such as Mifeprex and Cytolog are effective and safe for pregnancy termination. Kindly know the gestation of your pregnancy and other factors that may have an impact on the medical abortion procedure. You can confirm your pregnancy termination procedure after 14-15 days.

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