How Should One Prepare For Medical Abortion?

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Lakhs of women across the world undergo pregnancy termination every year. The reason may be different for everyone yet it’s an important decision in every woman’s life so should be taken wisely and practically, not emotionally…!! The abortion dosage is a two-day medication while it typically takes one week or more to complete the process. To obtain the best results and quick recovery, a woman should follow tips to prepare for her medical abortion procedure.

Educate yourself about abortion

Women often buy abortion pills and do not study its mechanism. Due to this, they may not get expected results. You need to understand the mechanism thoroughly. Though medical abortion is an easy method, it has to be followed in the appropriate procedure. The dosage involves administering one tablet of mifepristone followed by consumption of four misoprostol tablets the next day.

Take a break from work

Abortion process can be done at home and indeed it’s easy, having said that, one faces abdominal cramps and pain during the procedure. Additionally, women are likely to feel drained and dizziness. Kindly make sure that you don’t indulge in strenuous physical activities. If you’re working, you could do work from home, that being said, taking rest is always a better option a woman should be preferred.

Keep maxi pads ready.

Women experience heavy bleeding during their abortion. It is always advisable to keep a pack of maxi pads. Most women soak 4-5 maxi pads in their initial bleeding days depending on when they are in their gestation period. Others may bleed similar to your regular periods, although, do not rely on tampons.

Keep Hydrating Drinks

Since pregnancy symptoms bring fatigue during a woman’s pregnancy phase, abortion process may add even more exhaustion and drowsiness. Besides, the energy level may get lowered down due to dehydration. Therefore, women are suggested to keep hydrating drinks such as smoothies, coconut water, sports drinks etc.

Medication for side effects:

As you may know, the medical abortion involves several side effects such as nausea, abdomen cramps, dizziness etc. You may consult your physician to obtain medication for the same. Else, you can buy abortion pill pack which provides you medication to reduce side effects issues caused by the abortion process.

Be your companion

Last but not the least, make sure that you have someone on your side in case of emergencies. Be it your physician, partner, friend or even sibling, when you’re with someone who’s close, you get moral support which is necessary especially during the pregnancy cancellation procedure.

A good start is half the battle. If you take into account all above-mentioned suggestions and tips, pregnancy termination is assuredly a less painful experience. Besides, buying abortion pills online makes your work even easier.

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