How Should You Maintain Hygiene During a Medical Abortion?

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maintain hygiene during medical abortion

Maintaining hygiene during and after an abortion process leads to better health and faster recovery from the abortion. Since most women choose to buy abortion pills online to terminate their unwanted early pregnancy, shedding some light on hygiene maintenance was required while educating women about medical abortions.

Why is hygiene more important during the medical abortion process?

The vaginal flora is bacteria that lives inside the vagina typically dominated by lactobacilli species. The presence of the vaginal flora is required for producing hydrogen peroxide, lactic acid, and other constituents which keep the genital area naturally clean. Although the genitals are gifted with natural hygiene system, maintaining a clean genital area on a regular basis is necessary. One has to be even more careful during the medical abortion process since the genital area becomes sensitive and a bit vulnerable to bacterial infection. The woman needs to ensure proper sanitation is taken care of during and after the abortion process.  

While you keep the genital area clean, you also have to make sure that you’re not disrupting the natural acidic PH of the vagina. To balance both, here’s what you can do to maintain hygiene during the medical abortion process.    

Use pads and not tampons:

Though women prefer wearing tampons in most areas, it is recommended that you use pads during a medical pregnancy termination procedure.  Anything inserted into the vagina increases the chances of bacterial infection. You’re additionally advised to use maxi pads since the bleeding is heavier than the normal menstrual period during an abortion. Use fragrance-free pads.

Change sanitary pads:

You need to monitor your bleeding during this period. Blood clots of lemon size pass when you bleed after administering the second medication. The bleeding is so heavy that some women require changing pads at least four times a day. The bleeding eventually gets lighter indicating the removal of all fetus particles.

Wash your body properly:    

Taking a shower is better than having a bath during an abortion. Even while washing your body, you have to be careful near your genital area. Do not wash by motioning the hand from the anus to the vagina. It can affect transmitting bacteria from the anus to the vagina which can lead to various infections. The right way to wash it off is by cleaning the vulva or the genitals and then washing the anus. The internal genitalia or the vagina does not need special cleaning with soap or any other washing material. Avoid cleaning it with hot water, nor should you swim during this abortion period. The nauseous feeling experienced due to pills is also likely to go away and you feel better.

Drying the vaginal area with a towel:

While you wipe your genital area with a towel, tissue, or clean cotton cloth, do it in one soft stroke from the vagina to the anus. This prevents bacterial interaction if there’s any in the anus area. The action cannot be vice versa.

Hygiene has to be the utmost priority of women undergoing a medical abortion. Taking a safe and proper medication such as an MTP kit or an MTP kit from the right source is also equally important.

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