How planc supports telehealth and online pharmacies

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How planc supports telehealth and online pharmacies

How is Plan C Beneficial to Telehealth and Online Services

During the Covid-19 pandemic many health care providers chose the route of telehealth. To overcome the obstacle of providing medical abortion care to women seeking abortion during this difficult time, access to telehealth abortion and buying pills from the online pharmacies made it easier for women to get the proper medical care.

Access to medical abortion with pills has made it easy for women to practice safe abortion with appropriate medical care. With the emergence of telehealth and online abortion pill services, and how Plan C has promoted these, and made self-managed abortion at home common in the USA. 

It has significantly helped enlighten people about medical abortion by providing accurate and helpful information about abortion, which can help women in choosing the best and safe abortion care practice. 

Role of Plan C in helping Telehealth and Online Abortion Pills Service

Plan C is a widely known non-profit organization that works in advocating people about medical abortion and helping them in accessing abortion in the USA by normalizing the use of abortion pills by mail

Plan C conducts research globally on how people are accessing abortion pills in the USA, then collaborates with the best healthcare providers, healthcare organizations and technology innovators in finding out the best routes for access to abortion pills online.

By providing help to telehealth and online services they help to clear the stigma around abortion and make access to abortion pill pack UK easily.

Which is Better: Telehealth or Online Abortion Pills Service?

To choose the best one from the two, you first need to know how these two are helping in easing the access to abortion pills online by mail.


Telehealth is used to deliver health services with the help of electronic information and telecommunication technologies. It primarily focuses on medical care delivery and immediate interactions with a healthcare provider. The use of telehealth service is major in states: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, and Colorado.

Although the market of telehealth services has reached heights, there are some disadvantages of using it. While telehealth service can provide you great care with just a virtual appointment, convenience of diagnosis at home, access to medical care for people in rural areas, it cannot replace the advantage of physical examinations.

Telehealth can diagnose minor health issues, but not major issues like pregnancy, cancer and many others. There is no physical examination which is required in some cases, especially, during abortion. The appointments and virtual interactions can be expensive to some. 

Online Abortion Pill Service Provider : 

Online abortion pill service providers give you complete privacy and allow access to abortion pills online via mail by just placing an order.

With online abortion pill service all you have to bear is the abortion pill cost. Get to your nearby healthcare provider and discuss which abortion method is best for you. Once you have decided on medical abortion you can look for online service providers and buy abortion pills online

Online services are best for people who come from low-income groups and rural areas. It helps in getting abortion pills online easily to their doorsteps. 

Best Online Service Provider in Plan C

Plan C brings forth the best online service providers so that you can choose from some of the best ones. is one of the best online service providers among them. provides access to abortion pills online over 50 states in the USA, including abortion pill in Texas and abortion pill in Florida. One can also find access to abortion pill in Alabama and California abortion pill. Apart from the USA, onlineabortionpillrx also provides abortion pills in UK , including the states England, Scotland and London. 

Get access to abortion pill in England and abortion pill in London, through this reliable website. They also provide abortion pill in Scotland, a convenient way to get abortion pills at your doorstep. also provides abortion pills in red states like Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia, Florida.

One of the oldest sites in Plan C, established in 2016. It offers privacy (protects your personal information), fast shipping (within 2 days), and discreet shipping, leading to the high Cost of pills. Once you visit the site you will find out how easy it is to navigate through and how simple the ordering process is. 

As medical abortion should be performed within 9 weeks, you can order from online abortion pill rx for fast delivery and easy payment method through which none of your personal information will be leaked, as the site provides absolute security. It also gives you the benefit of an easy-to-use pregnancy calculator, the number one most popular way to calculate your due date based on the date of your last menstrual period.

If you visit Plan C and find online providers where  is less (like $35), remember that quality matters. Most of the time these sites are lacking in services. There’s no guarantee the delivery will be on time, none of your personal information is protected. 

You may end up facing issues with payment through PayPal. And once the order is placed, they sometimes fail to meet the delivery commitments, plus no tracking option is made available to you.

Is it Worth Buying Abortion Pills at Low Cost?

Plan C offers you various websites from where you can buy abortion pills online. The abortion pill cost of these websites ranges from $28 to $470. 

If you are thinking of buying abortion pills at low costs, think of its accuracy and effectiveness. Starting from the ordering process to the delivery, selling pills at this cost seems a bit unsettling. If you are seeking medical abortion and want to buy abortion pills online, choose quality over price.

These websites often fail to deliver your product on time. Plus it compromises the customers privacy and safety. Stay away from such websites and choose the one where the price is high but the quality is top-notch.

The Bottom Line

Plan C helps you to equip the accurate information, advocate people about abortion, normalizes self-managed abortion at home and offers you some of the best online service providers to get abortion pills online from. It gives access to safe medical abortion and makes the process convenient for you. 

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