Is it fine to drink during pregnancy?

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drink during pregnancyMost women neglect the fact that they have been told not to drink alcohol during their pregnancy. Drinking alcohol and pregnancy are two factors which can have a severe impact on mother and the child. Women need to understand why alcohol should be strictly avoided during pregnancy. This blog explains why women should avoid drinking during their pregnancy.

Why do women drink alcohol during pregnancy?

Pregnancy changes the life of a woman. The way you perceive pregnancy can impact your further months. Some women experience anxiety in pregnancy period as it may be an unplanned pregnancy at times. In such cases, making a decision with your conception is required. This is because an unplanned pregnancy can be ended during early weeks but complications can arise if you planned to end it in later months. If privacy is the concern, you buy abortion pills from an online pharmacy where you can get the pills at home without having to tell anyone about the pregnancy termination.  There are reasons too such as depression during pregnancy or the addiction to alcohol before pregnancy etc. Learn how to control them.

What happens when you drink alcohol during pregnancy?

Alcohol impacts the brain cells. If you can not allow a baby or a child to drink alcohol, you must not drink alcohol during pregnancy too because, by this, you are also feeding the alcohol to your baby. The alcohol that you will drink can impact the brain cells of the baby. In certain cases, it stops the growth of the baby.

This further can affect your pregnancy into the following complications:

An excessive amount of alcohol can result in fetal alcohol syndrome.  Alcohol elements can lead to brain damage of the infant or have other mental health problem. It can stop the development of the baby eventually resulting in early delivery.

Hence physicians advise abstaining from alcohol during pregnancy.

How much is too much?

There is no particular alcohol amount proven to be safe during a pregnancy. The reason behind no this is the difficulty in predicting the impact of alcohol on any given pregnancy. This happens mainly due to the different levels of the enzyme that can break down alcohol.

There’s a need to have more research on drinking during pregnancy. Even light drinking is dangerous to women in their pregnancy.

What can you do to stop the alcohol addiction during pregnancy:

Speak to your doctor how you can stop the consumption of alcohol during pregnancy. There are medical and pregnancy care experts, you can consult them get a solution as a pregnancy care instructions.

Online pharmacies who sell pregnancy care medicines, abortion pills or any other medicines related to women healthcare also offer information and experts advice on topics such as pregnancy and alcohol. Certainly, this is not a great sacrifice which you can not at all do. Seek more information on this and take it seriously if you wish to have a healthy baby. Even if you wish to abort the pregnancy, you must not drink alcohol during the abortion procedure too.

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