Is it safe to choose abortion pill than opting for surgical one?

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is-medical-abortion-safe-to-choose-than-medical-abortionSince there are two methods of pregnancy termination, it is obvious for a woman to get confused. This blog helps explain understand which methods suit you best and why many women are adopting medical abortion to terminate their pregnancy.

Medical Abortion:

Under this method, the abortion pills are used to end an unwanted pregnancy up to 9 weeks of gestation. Mifepristone and Misoprostol is a popular abortion pill kit combination which ends the pregnancy at home.

It has components which bring in hormonal changes in the body which begins soon after the abortion pill consumption. It stops its pregnancy growth, creates contractions in the uterine lining and removes pregnancy tissues through the vagina.

Surgical Abortion:

Surgical instruments are used in this procedure. When you visit abortion centers, they remove pregnancy tissues through (1) dialation or (2) suction method. With this, women can end their unwanted pregnancy within a day without any pain. Having said that, the method comes with its own pros and cons. Though this type of pregnancy termination seems easy, it costly and can have a severe impact on the body.

The side effects:

The side effects of abortion pills include vomiting, nausea, stomach upset, sickness, etc. These side effects generally get healed soon after you finish the procedure. There isn’t any major after effect that affects a woman in the long term. Neither future pregnancies nor fertility of the woman gets affected by the abortion pills.

Speaking of surgical abortion, though it does not show immediate side effects, the woman may encounter cramping, nausea, and vomiting, sweating, feeling faint, etc.

Why you should go for a medical abortion option to end an early pregnancy:

Medical Abortion does not have permanent side effects as in the case of surgical abortion.
Medical termination of pregnancy can be performed at home and does not require you to visit a clinic.
You can easily buy online abortion pills at an affordable cost. Surgical abortion can be expensive.
When you reach out to online pharmacies you can also reach out to medical experts from all parts of the world. You may not necessarily find an abortion expert easily.
You do not have to travel or spend money on traveling for getting abortion pills, an abortion center may not necessarily be available around you.

Hence, most women prefer abortion pills to terminate their unwanted pregnancy.

That being said, medical abortion is not suitable for pregnancy with more than 9 weeks of gestation.

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