Is it Safe to have Sex with a Vaginal Yeast Infection

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vaginal-yeast-infection-and-sexThe presence of yeast in the vagina is considered a normal thing. However, when it grows beyond control, it can lead to yeast infections. Most women have concerns related to their sexual health and intercourse connection with a yeast infection. For this, physicians usually recommend not having sexual intercourse if the female partner has a vaginal yeast infection. There are generally no risks for a male partner, however, there could be some risk if sexual intercourse is happening between two females.

The discomfort:

Though there are fewer chances of the harmful cervical mucus getting spread during sexual intercourse, women don’t prefer it due to the discomfort experienced due to the yeast infection. Yeast infection itself is a subject of discomfort and disgust for women, avoiding sexual intercourse is the best option they view.

Why you shouldn’t:

It’s painful:

When you have sexual intercourse while you have vaginal infection issues, your experience in the bed could become painful. Inserting the penis in the vagina makes it painful for a woman with a yeast infection.

It can last longer:

Instead of healing it faster, having intercourse while you have a vaginal yeast infection can make it heal rather slower. Also, if you have recently cleared the yeast infection, having intercourse immediately after the infection treatment can make it return.


You may or may not a yeast infection if you are getting involved in unprotected sexual intercourse, there are still chances of getting pregnant. If it is an uneventful pregnancy which you do not want, you can consult your physician for its solution. For the first-trimester pregnancy, he may recommend medical abortion. Finding abortion pills online could be a great option in such cases.

Transmission during sex:

As said before, a yeast infection does not typically transmit from a woman to a man. However, there could be chances of spreading it if two women are having sexual intercourse. The chances or risks with this are very low, but they cannot be ignored.

The chances of a yeast infection getting spread with a male partner are very rare.

Use protection:

A yeast infection does fall into the category of sexually transmitted infection. That being said, prevention methods are recommended.

How long should you wait after treatment?

Sexual intercourse slowers the healing process after a yeast infection treatment.

A woman should not have sexual intercourse unless she has completely healed from the yeast infection issues. By this, it means that if you have a vaginal infection, you should at least wait until all the infection symptoms have gone and the vagina is normal again. You can speak to your physician if to get it healed at the earliest.

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