Is White Discharge After Abortion Normal?

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Is-White-Discharge-After-Abortion-NormalYes, white discharge after abortion is normal. All women experience some vaginal discharge. Normal vaginal discharge is basically cloudy and clear white in color, however, sometimes yellowish when it gets dry on clothes. Normal vaginal discharge can contain some white flecks but it can also be sticky and thin with no aggressive odor. The smell, amount, thickness or transparency of the vaginal secretion can vary depending upon many physiological factors, for example, sexual arousal, ovulation, emotional stress, pregnancy, abortion, etc.

Let’s understand what is vaginal discharge and how the bleeding and discharge are linked with the period after abortion.

Normally the glands in your cervix and vagina produce a small number of fluids that pass out of your body every day, along with the old cells.
Your normal discharge helps you to clean the vagina and keep it lubricated and away from infection and other germs. A normal vaginal discharge does not have a foul smell and no odor at all it is clear. However, during your menstrual days, the red discharge is observed due to hemoglobin and after 3-5 days it may stop.

During your medical abortion with online pills, you may experience heavy vaginal bleeding which may stay up to 7-8 days and may slow down after 10 days. Vaginal bleeding or spotting is experienced within 2 -24 after consuming the Misoprostol pill. Misoprostol pill is taken 24-48 hours after taking the Mifepristone pill. Both the pill help in a successful abortion which completes within 8-10 days. So after your abortion procedure is completed you may notice normal white vaginal discharge. However, if in case you notice any other color discharge such as light pink, brown, green, etc.or if your discharge has foul smell then you are required to go for a medical check-up immediately. Here are a few cases which guide you on when to see a doctor.

When to go for a check-up and meet a doctor.
You should go for a check-up and schedule a visit if you have:

  • Strong vaginal odor
  • Spotting or bleeding unrelated to your menstruation
  • Yellowish, greenish, thick vaginal discharge
  • Itching, redness, burning or irritation of your vagina or the area of skin that covers the urethra (vulva) and vagina.

Self-care at home:

  • Try an over-the-counter cream for itching or suspected yeast infection.
  • Make use of a cold compress, such as ice pack, washcloth to relieve swelling, itching or discomfort of the vulva.
  • If symptoms don’t go away then take an appointment and visit your doctor immediately.

Knowing what is normal vaginal discharge and what creates a problem is essential for women of all ages. Be sure to consult your medical professional in case if you observe any unusual changes.

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