Know The Safe Procedure To Do A Medical Abortion Form Pills Online

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Know-The-Safe-Procedure-To-Do-Medical-Abortion-Form-Pills-OnlineAbortions are harmless if they are done carefully with a WHO-recommended procedure that is relevant to the pregnancy period, and if the women supporting or providing the abortion is trained.

The risk of medical abortion with medicines is related to the risks of normally prescribed medicines and over the counter medication such as painkillers, antibiotics, etc. However, using abortion pills in a proper manner is a safe way to prevent yourself from unwanted side effects.

Medical termination does not need to take place in a hospital or an emergency care center. The risks of a medical termination are similar to those of a miscarriage. About 15% of all pregnancies end itself in a miscarriage. These miscarriages do not occur in a hospital but commonly at home.

Most women understand how to deal with medical termination and go to the hospital in case of conditions like fever or heavy bleeding. A medical abortion evokes a miscarriage. You can buy the MTP abortion kit online and take the abortion pills on your own at home by following proper procedures if you are no longer than 9 weeks pregnant. But make sure that you get a medical check-up done beforehand to identify your pregnancy period and type of pregnancy.

Safe procedure to follow while on medical abortion

Medical termination is a safe option for the majority of women. The safe procedure to follow for successful medical termination includes;
Determining the pregnancy period ( Your pregnancy period should be 9 weeks or less).
Getting a pregnancy test done to confirm that your pregnancy is not an ectopic pregnancy.
After confirmation, taking the first medicine Mifepristone 200 mg under your specialist’s guidance.
After completion of 24-48 hours taking the second medication, Misoprostol 800-mcg at your home or wherever you find it convenient.
You will experience severe contractions which will lead to heavy vaginal bleeding for 3-4 days.
After 15 days going for a second checkup to confirm whether the pregnancy has terminated successfully.

However, there are few medical treatments and conditions that are contraindicated for use of the abortion pill.

If you use steroids or any other supplements, it is recommended to inform your medical practitioner about it as he may guide you with its risk and usage with abortion pills
Women who have an ectopic pregnancy (which means pregnancy outside the uterus). In the case of ectopic pregnancy, the abortion pills will not be able to terminate the pregnancy and you may require a surgical abortion.
If you have bleeding problems (such as porphyria)
Allergic to the abortion pills make sure that you don’t have an allergic reaction to any ingredient present in the abortion pill before you buy abortion pill kit online.

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