Lower back pain and pelvic pain during pregnancy

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Lower back pain and pelvic pain during pregnancyComplications are mandatory when pregnancy comes around. Women tend to have a decrease in mobility as well as stability when they are expecting to conceive. Moreover, it puts an additional stress on the lower back which becomes a serious concern in course of nine months.

Such abdomen pain can also occur in you end an unwanted pregnancy using online abortion pill or pills bought from the local store. Lower back pain is quite common during pregnancy. What causes such a process is questionable. Some unusual reasons are stated below which can help determine the confusions.

Expansion of the Uterus:

The enlargement of the uterus is common during pregnancy. Consequently, it puts a lot of stress on the abdominal muscles which affect postural and structural movements. Often the abdomen is also weakened due to the stress of the enlarged uterus. All of these converge causing the abdomen bloat and releasing an extensive pressure on the lower back. Underlying symptoms also provide an additional reason for making back pain worse.

Hormonal Changes:

Pregnancy creates a path for several changes in a woman’s body, including the hormones. The shooting of a new placenta hormone named Human Chorionic Gonadotropin creates additional manipulations in the body. These provide an extensive pressure on the synovial fluids of the joints, making them loose. The ligaments on the other hand which is attached to the pelvic bones in the spine are relaxed, making the posture unstable when one tends to stand or walk. Similar symptoms occur when there is a sudden jerk after sitting for a long time and bending. Specifically, these are the symptoms that are termed as back pain.


One type of pain experienced is termed as Posterior pelvic pain around the vaginal area. Described above, this pain arises from the onset of enlargement of the uterus and hence sought as one of the major pain in the pregnancy period. Consequently, the pain advances towards the thighs and affects the glute muscles. Rarely, cases get advanced towards the spine area which needs administration and a checkup from a medical professional.

Lumbar pain is also a major pain faced during pregnancy which affects the lumbar area of the spine. Consequently, arriving from the pelvic pain or developing due to pressure on the spine, it occurs on the area just above the pelvis. Standing for long hours or sitting with a bad posture radiates lumbar pain to a great extent. Therefore, it is often advisable to make constant movement in day to day lifestyles, which improves blood flow to the spine area.

Managing the pain

One can modulate several measures which can make pain felt little worse than normal. Changing lifestyle and pattern of living can help in releasing the temporary pain up to some extent.


Regular weight/resistance training can help in blood flow to areas all over the body. This in turns helps in proper regulation of hormones. Subsequently, lumbar spine remains more engaged and chances of a sudden strike in it are rare. Thus, a relative amount of pain is lessened in the back area during pregnancy.

Maintaining a posture:

A perfect posture helps in controlling the gravitational pull that creates trouble for pregnant women. It is advisable to have a perfect posture during pregnancy, specifically of the spine to avoid causing lumbar area pain. Women are advised not to bend their back, having a grasp on the core muscles and helping the spine remain straight. This helps in controlling the pressure that the back experiences in due course, relieving the pain.

Additionally, a balanced diet helps in tackling weight issues which have a similar impact on the back pain. Abdomen pain is also common during pregnancy which is often confused with back pain. As such, several online pharmacies provide information on the cure for tackling pain during pregnancy. It is up to individuals to manage and encapsulate the perfect treatment for oneself.

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