Masturbation Facts That Every Woman Must Know

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Masturbation-facts-every-woman-must-knowMasturbation has become a part of the sexually growing age for many. There is still lacks clarity in women if masturbation is good or pertains to health risks.

There are women who avoid vaginal intercourse in the fear of pregnancy. In such a case, Ovral birth control or similar contraceptives can effectively prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Further, even if you get pregnant through unprotected intercourse, you can get abortion pill kit for your early pregnancy termination.

What is masturbation?

Masturbation refers to stimulating your genitals by yourself using fingers or other objects. While men and women both have reported involved in the self-stimulation activity, women prefer not opening up about the topic, unlike men.

Female masturbation contributes to preventing cervical infections  and urinary tract infections:

Masturbation or female solo intercourse can work as a protection against cervical infections. This takes place after the orgasm produced by the self-stimulation opens the cervix.

A major percentage in the women who are suffering from urinary tract infections report that when they masturbated while with UTI, it relieved their pain and lubricated the vagina. With this, the unhealthy bacteria got expelled from the body through lubrication which otherwise would have caused serious impact to their tract infection.

Improved cardiovascular is observed with masturbation:

Recent research has shown that women who experience orgasm with/without a partner have greater resistance to heart complications such as coronary heart diseases. Women who had masturbation more often reported having greater frequency and satisfaction with intercourse. It helped them prevent type-two diabetes as well.

Prevention of insomnia:

Women who masturbate during the night time tend to sleep better soon after their masturbation. There are a lot of women who suffer from problems such as insomnia. Masturbation naturally cures the problem as the stress is relieved through the self-stimulation activities. The dopamine hormone in the body rises during the masturbation period and the produced orgasm naturally releases oxytocin and endorphins hormones, thereby giving you warmth and afterglow to let you sleep.

Orgasm can help increase the pelvic floor strength:

A healthy pelvic floor has many benefits. The early phase of orgasm is like a workout for the pelvic floor. The clitoris gets burst since the blood flow increases at the time. Heart rate, muscle tone, and respiration also get increased. This helps the uterus to lift off the pelvic floor which finally strengthens the entire region and increases your sexual satisfaction.

It is essential to understand the fact that masturbation can also hold chances of pregnancy if the object used for masturbation has semen on it. If you get pregnant due to any such reason and the pregnancy is unwanted, you can buy abortion pills from safe and secure online pharmacy to end your pregnancy at home with complete privacy maintained.

Masturbation can be healthy if you do it rightly. Make sure that the objects used during the masturbation are not destructive or can possibly harm your body. Masturbation helps your introduces your sexual parts better while helping you understand the sexual desires.

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