Medication on a virtual platform, reliable?

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online-pharmacyBringing the medical world onto the fingertips is a sort of achievement of today’s generation. While most of us think that this sort of technology, named as “Telemedicine” have been predominantly used only in the 21st century, one can date back its origin to around 50 years from now.

Consequently, the term has been greatly modified in recent times, with current focus involving modern technology and telecommunications which makes doctors visit patients in a virtual atmosphere, which is made with a live video or still images that are captured and saved for later references.

Especially in the cases such as medical abortion care which is not easily available in many regions can be made easily reachable through telemedicine and online abortion pills.

Consequently, the healthcare procedure has been used across the globe for people sitting across distant nations.


Telemedicine is used mostly for its real-time function. A perfect example shows how a patient, the required doctor, and a pharmacist can all communicate at the same time. This can be used for an outpatient specialty as well as with a physician supervision of clinicians from Non-Md backgrounds, for instance, a nurse practitioner.

Store forwarding data. Ordinarily, when a supposed physicist and a specialist isn’t available for a conference at the same time, patient’s data can be stored and used for a later forwarding procedure where it can be communicated to the required person. The information can be also placed on a server for the specialist or the physician’s access for a later treatment and diagnosis plan.


Elimination of possible transmission of some of the most infectious diseases which can spread through patients and medical staff can be easily avoided in Telemedicine technology. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus or commonly known as MRSA is of a great concern when it comes to spreading through contact. Additionally, Telemedicine can also help tackle problems with patients who do not feel comfortable in visiting a doctor’s office in preferably unhealthy conditions. Housebound patients who cannot move freely can also be accounted.

Telemedicine technology can also be advantageous to people who live in an isolated community that is far-fetched from general civilization. Moreover, patients can reach desired specialists who are far away from them and have a detailed check up and diagnostic.

As such, Telemedicine can be beneficial to patients in isolated communities and remote regions, who can receive care from doctors or specialists far away without the patient having to travel to visit them.


Telemedicine isn’t a whole of benefit when it comes to certain aspects. Costing of data management and communication with persons beyond one’s reach can be much more than expected.

Additionally, a virtual platform for medical professionals isn’t much reliable when a detailed view of human is needed on some rare cases. A physical checkup at times is more reliable than having computerized reports of certain diseases. Moreover, there can be an increased risk of an online data breach if the security of the mediums where communication happens is not treated well.

Patients who are being put into a hospital administration are keenly settled under the supervision and constant monitor. This accounts for the use of a valuable bed that adds up to an increase in hospital liability. Additionally, if the patient has been showing signs of early recovery, he/she can finish the treatment off at home. The recent advancements show developments of Home Health Telemedicine which can capture vital signs, offer video conference and have an alarm that can signal sound for a nurse’s call.

With Telemedicine on the rise, any specific hospital as well as the medical facility has access to varied medical expert’s opinion and have a detailed structure of information that can be researched continuously. Accordingly, all our resources can be shared in an instant touch with the medical professional through Telemedicine.

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