How Men Feel After Abortion?

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The abortion decision is a right of the woman alone. Men are bereft of the decision of pregnancy cancellation. But from men’s point of view, if they find their partner or friend is facing a decision about unexpected pregnancy, they are worried for her. In such cases, men betray to be stronger to support their partner in the decision as women have to go with the procedure alone. Their decision might affect them to some extent making them feel confused, scared, guilty, sad, shut out, or simply plain confused. Men may be upset with the idea of their partner losing or continuing pregnancy. They are mostly scared of losing their relationship with their partner.

The majority of women consider their partner’s feelings. A woman is the one who has to go through the process whether it is pregnancy or abortion. So, you might think it’s better to support your partner in her decision. You might not pressurize her or wish to go against her. But men’s feelings are also equally important. Although knowing that ultimately woman has to follow her own feelings, men need to tell their partner how they feel. Every woman desires to hear how much her husband or partner cares for her and is concerned about her. To show concern to your partner, you can help her to buy an abortion pill if she wishes to terminate her pregnancy through medication.

Feel guilty:

There is some kind of guilt in a few men that the pregnancy is caused due to them, as they were careless for not using condoms. But that is not the fact, unless she is forced to do sex, males, and females are equally responsible for the pregnancy. In this condition, the couple together must decide about their future. She will feel bothered if you apologize for the pregnancy that happened and help her further to prevent future pregnancies until you both are ready. You can order abortion pills online from internet pharmacies to terminate the pregnancy, in case she wants to abort. If she decides to purchase from a web source, it would be best to buy Misoprostol online as is the safest, quickest, and most effective technique of ending pregnancy at home without involving any surgical equipment. Most couples opt for abortion because they find it is better than the alternatives. If they still think it is morally wrong to end the pregnancy, the only solution lies in forgiveness from her, yourself.

Feel bad for not being a good provider:

Men sometimes feel disappointed as they cannot afford to have a child or another child. So, they decide to terminate the pregnancy in the first trimester itself, to avoid the future of the child getting devastated. It might be your goal to become financially stable to have a child in the future. Or, you may feel that your work may come in between your partner and your children; you won’t be able to give them the required time. More families these days are seen relying on two or more paychecks to get by. Or on another side, you might feel it’s worth having a child ignoring the fact that it would lead to living a tough life. Men must share their thoughts with their partners letting them help them.

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