Some Misapprehensions about Pregnancy Termination that Needs to Shattered

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This blog refutes some common illusions about abortion.

Pro-life is Pro-family. Abortion destroys the family:

Lawful abortion helps parents restrict their families to the number of children they desire and can afford. This reinforces and ballasts the family unit. As a result, pro-choice is pro-child and pro-family. Anti-choice laws can cause hardship and stress for families with inadequate resources to raise undesired kids. Families with undesired children often consist of a baby and her baby, living an economically backward life.

There are too many late abortions:

Nearly all terminations are done in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy, women prefer to buy abortion pill for it and only few does after 16 weeks. Most late pregnancy terminations are done for health reasons.  Paradoxically, anti-abortion laws, harassment, and defunding cause deferment and lead to larger numbers of late abortions.

The anti-choice movement is not opposed to contraception:

The same people who oppose legal termination often contest contraception as well. Such position is reckless and hypocritical. If pro-lifers used their well-funded systematizing power to promote birth control and sex education instead of fighting lawful abortion, this will easily help them to reduce the termination rate in half within a few years.

Adoption is a better alternative to pregnancy termination:

Female should be able to decide for herself. Few women do choose adoption, but many more prefer single motherhood.  Adoption is a difficult route for anyone to take, and it is unfair to demand that women make such a sacrifice. Woman who is married, for her giving a child up for adoption is usually impossible.

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