My Pregnancy Termination Story With The Help of Pill

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I believe I am a very sensitive person because I know how bad I feel during periods days. So coming straight to the point, medical abortion with its painful nature (that I knew of), it was a no for me. Hence I thought of surgical abortion for ending my pregnancy. I was 7 weeks pregnant with my ex-husband. I visited a few abortion centers but the cost of surgical pregnancy termination everywhere was almost high and out of my budget.

I didn’t know what to do until I finally decided to do some research on ways of abortion on the internet. That’s where I found out about the mtp kit and how it ends an unwanted pregnancy with a less painful experience. Its price was not really low compared to other pills, but it was definitely not as high as surgical abortion fees. So I decided to buy an pill online and undergo a medical abortion at home.

When I received the Pill Kit at home, it had 5 different pills out of which 2 were for abortion and the other 3 were for lowering the painful side effects of abortion. I quickly consulted the online healthcare consultant on the website.

As instructed, I took Mifepristone pill from the pack on that day. Its consumption was easy. I just had to take it orally with water. After taking Mifepristone, I waited until the next day. There’s not much to tell about what I felt after taking this medicine. I was still feeling pregnant and nothing else.

On day two, I took the Misoprostol pills. There were four. I took all of them with the buccal method. I knew that the vaginal method would be more effective (that’s what I was told) but I was more comfortable with the buccal method. So I placed the 4 Misoprostol pills in my cheek pouches, one after one.

I slept for an hour after I took the pills. Sudden cramps in the lower belly area woke me up. The only thing I was scared of. I quickly rushed to take the Flexon medicine from the pack. The tablet was a big big help!

The cramps became mild and I could catch a breathe only when I started feeling odd as if I’ll puke any moment. I knew there were 2 more pills in the pack but I didn’t know if they could help me with this. After I asked the online consultant from the website, I finally took the Zofran from the mtp kit. My nauseous feeling went but I was tired. The bleeding had started an hour ago.

So many things were happening! Thankfully everything was moderate and not too intense. I was in bed the whole time but I would make sure that I change my pad after every 4 hours. The bleeding was heavy (as expected). I observed a few blood clots on day four. I could feel the change in my body but I was told to confirm my pregnancy termination even though the symptoms showed.

It was after 2 weeks that I went to the doctor (already positive about the medical abortion) I checked my pregnancy. The results were of successful pregnancy termination but my physician suggested a few precautions for a couple of weeks.

I followed everything and I had another check-up at his clinic 7 days later. Everything was normal and I had a medical abortion on my own. For me, it was a different moment. I felt relieved and the process helped me move on from my relationship with my husband.

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