Pads, tampons or menstrual cups? Which one is the best?

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women healthcareMenstrual sanitation is a part of the regular life of a woman’s health. It is important to educate women regarding safe menstruation sanitation and the best form for them. Pads, tampons and menstrual cups are the three forms of menstruation sanitation which is widely used by women around the world. However, the variety confuses women as to which one to prefer among the three.

This blog explains the pros and cons of sanitary pads, tampons and menstrual cups and how to decide which one suits you.

Sanitary pads:

Sanitary pads or in other terms sanitary napkins have been in use for many centuries. This is one of the earliest forms of menstrual sanitation which even today is used by women all over the world. You get menstrual pads in different length. Pads variety also offers different levels of absorbency. There are also some companies which offer tiny pads which are for the days when women encounter spot.

On the other hand, the maxi pads are which soak heavier bleeding. Women who buy abortion pills such as Misoprostol and perform medical abortion are more likely to experience heavy bleeding. Physician advice maxi pads to be the best option to soak the heavy bleeding.

Some women find pads to be uncomfortable and not suitable for particular physical moves. In a recent research, it was found that women who preferred tampons were more likely to use tampons and pads both together.


Tampons have been in use for menstrual sanitation for the past century now and in a very short span, it has become the widely used product among women. Tampons are more popular with younger women. As in the case of pads, tampons also offer different sizes. They additionally have different levels of absorbency.

Women healthcare experts advise that women must change tampons every 4-5 times a day. This mainly depends on the menstrual flow and the type of tampons you’re using. It is advised not use tampons for medical pregnancy termination bleeding as anything inserted in the vagina is risk-inviting.

Nowadays, women healthcare experts provide online consulting on reproductive health and other menstrual sanitation tips. Tampons and sanitary pads preference being their one of the main issues discussed.

Menstrual cups:

Menstrual cups also came around the same time as tampons. This is one of the less popular for of menstrual sanitation in women. Especially women in the United States prefer tampons prefer tampons over period cups.

Menstrual cups come in two different types. The first type has softness and flexibility while it also allows women to dispose of after use. In terms of shape, it somewhat looks like a diaphragm. The second type of menstrual cup is made of latex ( rubber). The cup collects the fluids during the menstruation which can be disposed of later.

One of the advantages of menstrual cups is that it can be used for up to 12 hours which is the longest time than the other two options offer.

Which method is safe?

Speaking of safety, all three methods are safe to use if used properly. However, sanitary pads are safer as they are not inserted inside. Menstrual cups are also one of safest options as they do not contain any chemicals, bleaches or fibers which can interact with the reproductive health organ and cause allergic reactions. Again, it must be noted that menstrual cups have to be cleaned for reuse.

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