Possible Reasons Behind Your Delayed Menstrual Period

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reasons-for-period-delayA missed period after unprotected sexual intercourse can take up your thoughts with pregnancy. However, pregnancy is not always the reason behind a delayed pregnant. Be it any reason (apart from pregnancy), this could be alarming for health concerns.

This blog aims to address women who are often scared of delayed period as unwanted pregnancy situations haunt them. Though you can buy abortion pill online and end your unwanted pregnancy, women are not enough educated about their options.

This blog also helps you understand what can cause a late period. It lets you know when to take medical help in case of delayed menstruation.


Stress can have a huge effect on your hormones. Consequently, it impacts the part of the brain whose main function is to regulate your menstruation. If you’re facing stress and anxiety issues, it could be a reason for your delayed periods. As a solution, you can try bringing a slight change in your lifestyle. Get more indulged in things which can help you heal from stress.

Low body weight:

Eating disorders like bulimia or nervosa can lead to menstruation. Even if you weigh lower than what’s normal for your height and age, it can affect your menstrual cycle which can also disturb ovulation pattern. This reason is common among women who are an athlete or are indulge in excessive exercises.


When it comes to your menstruation, either extreme in the body weight can impact the menstrual cycle. For obese women, diet and exercise can help reduce weight, thereby maintaining a proper menstrual cycle.


This is a condition in women where the body produces an excessive male hormone (androgen). It affects the hormonal balance and forms cysts on the ovaries. It eventually leads to the irregular menstrual cycle. Physicians typically suggest having

Other Cases:

• You’re on birth control pills
• You are diagnosed with certain chronic disease.
• You’ve to reach perimenopause phase
• You have thyroid issues

When should you see a doctor:

While the aforementioned cases are only Apart from infrequent and irregular menstruation, there are other symptoms too which can help you understand the seriousness of your health concern.

Watch out for the following symptoms:

• Unusual heavy bleeding
• Sickness during menstruation
• Severe cramps
• Vomiting and continued nauseous feeling
• The menstruation of more than 6-7 days
• Menstruation after you have reached menopause

If you come across any such change in your menstruation pattern, it is advised to seek help from women’s healthcare expert. If you ignored your irregular menstruation symptoms, this can lead to severe health risks, especially with respect to your reproductive health. Monitor your menstruation regularly to get a better understanding of your reproductive health.

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