Pregnancy After 40: Is it safe?

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Pregnancy After 40 Is It SafeWomen nowadays prioritize their needs where factors such as career, financial stability are given precedence than pregnancy and parenting. As a result, we are hearing more cases of women trying to conceive after the age of 40 through multiple medical or surgical methods. However, there remains a high degree of risks and difficulties involved in the whole process.

The direct adverse effect of the mid-age pregnancy may not be strongly visible. It may not show major health risks, however, it leads to a number of complications which could have been avoided otherwise. Hence, women are advised to plan their baby before they reach the age of 35-40. They can buy Ovral contraceptive pills or other birth control methods after 40 to stay away from unintended conception or abstain from abnormal pregnancies.

As a woman gets older, after a certain point in time, the quantity and the quality of eggs cells produced in her ovaries start declining. This is one of the major concerns why conceiving after 40 is risky.

 Health risks to infant:

    • As stated before, the egg quality in the woman’s ovaries deteriorates which increases the personal and psychological difficulties in the infant.  
    • Women may have twins or triplets which is no less than a complexity itself.
  • Baby with a congenital abnormality, such as Down’s syndrome and other general abnormalities are some of the some of the complications.

Health risks to mother:

    • Some cases in such pregnancies can lead to uncontrolled high blood pressure possibly affecting the mental health of the woman. This majorly causes complications in the growth of the child in the womb.  
    • It leads to severe difficulties for the woman and the child both. The actual size of risks may be small.
    • Prolonged labor, stillbirth or Caesarean section are some of the complications associated with the delivery of the baby.
  • Women can have increased risk of pre-eclampsia.

Simply put, it is not advised to plan a baby after the age of 40. If a woman intends a conception during her early or late 40s, she may have to take extreme care or the help of other ways of conception or childbirth.

If the pregnancy is unintended and raises health issue concerns, it is advised to consult a physician. Abortion may seem an appropriate choice in such cases. When given consent, you can buy abortion pill kit online or from the local stores to terminate the pregnancy.  Women can even lower the after-effects of abortion process through mtp abortion kit, one of the medications that smoothly end an unintended pregnancy with less or no complications.  

Women who try for conception in their mid age usually consider multiple options apart from the natural pregnancy process. IVF is one of them wherein the woman’s eggs and father’s sperm is collected outside the body and the embryo is formed in the lab.

Awareness about such methods has increased and more people have started using this method to mitigate the risks involved in the process.

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