What are the Pros and Cons of Abortion Pills?

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A medical pregnancy termination caused by abortion pills allow a female privacy of her home, and control over the procedure at her own convenience and time. The person can possibly have a trusted-someone be around during the regimen. The female may have to take some painkillers in handling cramping, but at least does not have to take anesthesia which is the case during a surgical process.

Here is a list of other pros of abortion pills:

  1. More Private: It is a successful method, feels like natural ‘miscarriage’, and not at all invasive. The sooner it is done, better are the results, and less painful it is.
  1. Less Expensive: If cost of the process matters to you, then medication process is one of the best options in rival to surgical regimen, which can cost to $500 or more, while MTP Kit abortion pills may be available at just $200 or under.
  1. No Infections: The risk for infections is lower in medication technique, as there are no instruments intruding in the uterus thus there is no concern of sterilizing anything to end the pregnancy.
  1. Earlier Termination: You can choose to cease your pregnancy in as less as 4 weeks of gestation, or at least up to 10 weeks of the same.
  1. No Pain to Fetus: The medical regimen is painless for the fetus, as it does not develop necessary neurological aspects that make it perceptive to pain until later in pregnancy.
  1. Absence of Injury: There are almost no chances of injury involved to the person taking the drugs for terminating pregnancy. Again, lack of surgical instrument applications assures safety in all forms.

Though medicines are really convenient for pregnancy termination, it has few disadvantages.

Here is a list of cons for abortion pills:

  1. No Late Termination: You can terminate pregnancy with tablets only if under 10 weeks of gestation. It cannot be utilized for ending a late pregnancy.
  1. Drugs May Fail: Medications have failure rate of 2 to 5 percent. If this occurs, you must agree for removing the leftover pregnancy with surgical process.
  1. Requires More Clinic Visits: It may require one to two visits for the female to know if her pregnancy has been terminated by Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills or not.
  1. Takes Longer Duration: The drugs take 14 days or so to end pregnancy, while surgery can do so within 5 to 10 minutes.
  1. Ineffective for Tubal Pregnancy: In case you are diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy, which is pregnancy out of the uterus, the MTP Kit medicines cannot remove such pregnancy, for which surgery will be needed.
  1. Side Effects: There is risk of heavy bleeding, and in worse cases some may require blood transfusion. There are side effects such as diarrhea, abdomen pain, vomiting, nausea etc.

We hope acquainting with abortion pills pros and cons has helped you understand the medical process to end pregnancy better. If you wish to take the medicines, it is best to seek a professional’s advice first to judge your health condition being suitable for the medication regimen or not.

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