Reasons not to take a pregnancy test soon after the abortion

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reason-not-to-have-pregnancy-test-after-abortionUnlike the surgical abortion procedure, the medical abortion procedure takes time to complete. When you buy abortion pills online to end the pregnancy at home, you will go through several hormonal changes which can take a few days to complete the procedure.

You must observe the after-effects of abortion pills and determine the right time to take a pregnancy test after the procedure. This blog helps you understand the ideal time for checking the efficacy. If you are taking abortion pill online, you can take the help of online pharmacy to track your progress in the procedure and seek help for the same.

The working of abortion pills:

When you take the first pill, Mifepristone, it takes around 24 hours to work on the body. The medicine essentially fights with the progesterone hormones and separates the pregnancy from its womb during this time.

When you take the second medicine, Misoprostol, it takes 30 minutes to get dissolved in the body while it can take around 3-4 hours to start functioning. At times, the medicine can take 24 hours to show its functioning.

The after effect which the Misoprostol tablet shows can vary from 2 days to 8 days depending on the woman’s pregnancy weeks. If the pregnancy gestation is lower, she can expect the after effects to remain for around 4-5 days.

If the gestation is more- for instance, 7-9 weeks, it can take time to bleed lasting for 7-8 days. Some women experience passing blood clots from their body.

What are the after-effects:

The after effects of abortion pills are – (1) cramping around the lower belly area. (2) vaginal bleeding. Though both these symptoms appear to be similar to menstruation situation, the effects are more severe.

When should you not check pregnancy status:

After the consumption of abortion pills.
After the symptoms stop showing.
A month later.

When is the ideal time to check pregnancy status:

You can confirm your pregnancy status around 2 weeks after you administer abortion pills. At this point in time, the pregnancy should ideally be ended successfully and show you the accurate results.

Confirming the pregnancy termination through a pregnancy test is important. It is possible that a woman may experience the symptoms of medical abortion, yet remain pregnant due to complications involved. In such a case, she may have to end the pregnancy through a surgery.

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