Risks of Unwanted Pregnancy After First Unprotected Intercourse

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risk-of-unwanted-pregnancy-after-unprotected-intercourseLosing virginity is a different experience altogether. Physically, emotionally a woman goes through a lot of changes including hormonal changes. This can include changes in the level of estrogen and prostaglandin which can make you pregnant. Hence, risks of unwanted pregnancy even when you have intercourse for the first time are high.

Additionally, unprotected sexual intercourse can also make you prone to STD. It is recommended that you either use protection or both partners get checked for STD.

Love making that does not involve vaginal intercourse has fewer chances of getting pregnant. However, if you have had vaginal sexual intercourse without any use of contraception, you are more likely to get pregnant.

When you first get involved in vaginal sexual intercourse, the fertility could be high especially if your age is between 20 to 30. The semen ejaculated in the vagina can easily meet the egg for fertilization.

Couples often believe that if one ejaculates outside the vagina, the woman does not get pregnant which utterly untrue! Even if you remove the penis at the time of ejaculation and insert it again, the woman still has chances of pregnancy.

What can be done in case of unwanted pregnancy:

Soon after sexual intercourse:

If you have immediately realized that you had unprotected sexual intercourse and you did not want to get pregnant intentionally. Emergency contraceptive medicine can help you to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

Taking an emergency contraceptive pills such as plan B makes the cervix thick enough to create a hurdle for sperms to meet the egg and get fertilized. However, the pill has to be taken within 72 hours after having sexual intercourse.

Take the pill at the earliest would have higher efficacy of the pill.

When you’re already pregnant:

This happens with many women. By the time they realize that unprotected sexual intercourse can make them pregnant, they already are pregnant! In such a case, medical abortion or surgical abortion could be the options before you, depending on the weeks you’re pregnant into.

For a first trimester pregnancy up to 9 weeks of pregnancy gestation, consult your physician if you can have a medical abortion and buy abortion pills accordingly. Medication such as Mifepristone and Misoprostol could be a great help in this case. These are also available as online abortion pills on various websites.

If you are pregnant with more than 9 weeks gestation, getting surgical help is recommended. You can end the pregnancy using suction or other dilation methods of pregnancy termination.

Even if you are having sexual intercourse for the first time, if you wish to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, you must use protection during the sexual activity. In fact, using a condom also protects you from various sexually transmitted diseases.

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