How to Safely Breastfeed during an Abortion?

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Medical abortion involving mainly two medications which are the most effective method. Women buy Mifepristone and Misoprostol for safely pregnancy termination at home. Recent studies suggest an increasing number of females are undergoing an abortion while they are still breastfeeding relating to their previous pregnancy. However, there is no specific data on how anti-progesterone affects lactation. Studies have revealed that abortion pills presence in breast milk collected from females on their current pregnancy termination, was less when 200mcg of progesterone blocker was used than 600mcg.

Serum samples showed that levels of the medicine were higher in the breast milk in the initial 12 hours from the medicine intake. After this, there was a decline in concentrations of Mifeprex abortion pill up to 7 days, with the lowest measure detected when the 200-mcg dose was induced. There was not much of an adversity reported for both mom and the child in such a dosing pattern, and most of the females could continue with ending pregnancy normally without disruption.

Which Abortion Method is Suited for Breastfeeding?

It is still advised to stop breastfeeding when getting pregnancy terminated with tablets, as some amount of drug chemicals do pass in breast milk though in negligible amount, and affect diarrhea in the child being fed. Though after the FDA updated its regulation for Mifepristone abortion pill dose reduction, the effects have been said to be insignificant, yet studies are going on to know the side of incidents. If a female really wants to continue breastfeeding and get pregnancy ended at the same time here’s what she can do:

  • Know how to preserve the breast milk before taking the MTP kit.
  • Stored milk in a proper way can last up to 3-8 days.
  • Feed your baby the stored breast milk during the abortion process.
  • This way you can resume breastfeeding after you have recovered from the abortion process without skipping breast milk being fed to your baby.

As diet has a major influence on the quality of milk the mammary glands produce, the female must consult a lactation consultant as to food she must have while getting pregnancy ceased by either surgery or abortion pills are taken at home.

When to Stop or Start Nursing the Baby?

At the end of the day, the safety of both the mother and child from previous pregnancy is important. Best measures must be taken to avoid any complications for both the individuals’ health.  In case the medications are taken, and the woman does not want to breastfeed the child at the moment, she must dispose of the milk produced till 6 to 7 hours have not gone by using any of the drugs that are Korlym progesterone blocker or Cytolog prostaglandin E1 secondary medicine.

After 6 to 12 hours of consuming any of the medicines involved in ending a pregnancy, it is safe to breastfeed the child. However, if you are too tired, weak and feverish, you must consult a doctor about risks or suitability of breastfeeding in such a situation. The doctor will advise either to stop breastfeeding or when to begin the same if the activity has not yet begun yet.

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