Terminate unplanned pregnancy within 63 days

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Terminate-unplanned-pregnancy-within-63-daysUse abortion pills, use them at home, and that’s it! The pregnancy is ended! Simple, isn’t it? Not to that extent, as it sounds. Of Course, medical abortion is easy, so is the surgical one! However, taking the abortion decision is emotionally difficult for any woman. Further, it is also a concern for health and safe abortion practices.

It is observed that a lack of knowledge about abortion can lead to healthcare complications and fatal consequences. Hence, this blog aims to talk about safely terminating an unwanted pregnancy at an early stage.

Since, in the first trimester, women quite get the idea if they wish to continue the pregnancy or not, the blog will emphasize on abortion for pregnancy within 63 days of gestation.

Early pregnancy symptoms can be misleading at times. If you wish to have an abortion, you should first do a pregnancy test and only then proceed further.

How do you check the gestation of pregnancy?

You can count the gestation of pregnancy from the last day of your last period. Also, some experts suggest doing sonography to know the position of the baby.

What are the options for terminating an early pregnancy within 63 days of gestation?

Surgical abortion:

Surgical abortion is done by gynecologists using surgical instruments. In this, pregnancy tissues are removed through either dilation or suction means. Although you can perform a surgical abortion for early pregnancy, most women prefer surgical abortion for the second-trimester pregnancy termination.

Medical abortion:

Medical abortion, also known as medical termination of pregnancy, is performed using safe abortion medications such as Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Since there are many online pharmacies available on the internet, you can buy abortion pill online and undergo the procedure at home.

How should you take abortion pills?

After you buy an abortion pill kit online, you try to understand the method of consumption. In any MTP kit, you’ll see a combination of two medicines. The first medicine, Mifepristone, is used for stopping the growth of the pregnancy. Oral consumption with a glass of you water is expected for this medicine.

When you are taking the second medicine, you’ll find four pills of Misoprostol, with each being of 200 mcg. Vaginal consumption and buccal consumption are two options through which Misoprostol pills can be taken.

Either way, the medical termination of pregnancy can be equally effective.

Both surgical and Medical abortion methods are equally effective in terminating an unwanted pregnancy within 63 days. It is you who has to decide the suitable way. While surgical abortion is expensive medical abortion takes time to end the pregnancy.

On the other hand, the medical abortion method allows you to undergo the procedure at home with a minimum cost; surgical abortion gets your pregnancy ended within a day.

You can speak to your healthcare provider to understand the method suitable for your body.

Also, though abortion is a solution to unplanned pregnancy, women should not forget the importance of safe sexual intercourse. Learn about protected sex practices, use contraception pills or condoms every time you plan to have sex.

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