The Age Eligibility for a Medical Abortion

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Age-Eligibility-Medical-AbortionMedical abortion is a safe method of terminating an unwanted pregnancy at home. However, it does not imply that every woman, regardless of her physical condition can perform a medical pregnancy termination procedure. Compared to women who have abortions in adulthood, teens who abort are not mature enough to understand the delicacy of the situation and tend to follow wrong ways to deal with the problem. Also, they do not inform their parents about the whole pregnancy and abortion situation. This can lead to various health concerns for them.  

You can get abortion pills near you from a safe and secure online medical pharmacy store if you are above 18 and meet the eligibility requirements to perform a medical abortion. An early pregnancy termination is possible with MTP kit or similar abortion pills. Here’s a quick run-through of medical abortion eligibility:

  • Your age is above 18 years.
  • The pregnancy gestation period is not more than 10 weeks.
  • The pregnancy is normal and not a case of an ectopic complication.
  • You are aware of the procedure and after effects of the medication.

The Psychological Impact:
Younger women, under 18 are more likely to suffer from various psychological impacts which may be severe at times. There have cases reported of the depression and other psychological disorders occurring in young women due to early age abortion.

This eventuates since adjusting to the abortion becomes a bit difficult for younger women. Recent studies found that women who perform an abortion at an early age are more likely to experience serious nightmares while many of them have reported having more antisocial traits, paranoia and psychotic delusions than the older women.

The physical impact:

  • Cervical lacerations during abortion risks are higher in younger women. This occurs due to smaller cervixes which are difficult to grasp with instruments or dilate.
  • The risk of Pelvic Inflammatory disease is also higher amongst younger women.
  • Endometritis or the uterus infection is another post-abortion concern for young women under 18.
  • Since a teenage body is not fully developed, they may be easily receptive to infections due to the abortion procedure. The cervical mucus found in older women naturally protects them from infections. Its absence in younger women increases the chances of cervical infection.
  • Younger women may not be mature enough to understand the medical seriousness of the situation. Since they take abortion medications without a  prescription, they are more likely to increase the risks of infertility, hysterectomy, ectopic pregnancy and other serious complications. This happens due to instructions not being understood well and medical abortion procedure not being followed the ideal way, under the guidance of a medical expert.

Even the pharmacy websites DO NOT  offer abortion medications to women below 18. The online abortion pills also require a prescription, without which, the abortion pills are not offered to women. This is to make sure that the medication is reaching a right person who is informed about the eligibility and instructions to use the abortion pills.

Young women have to be careful with the intercourse and sexual activities. It is advised not to have unprotected intercourse and use suitable protection for the same. A condom can be an option for young couples who wish to indulge in a sexual activity.

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