Things you may not realize happen to your vagina on your periods

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Abortion Pills BlogWomen bleed every month from the start of their adulthood and yet there are so many facts which are still unknown. There are many regions in the world who consider speaking about periods openly is a shameful thing. Technology has made it easier to get online information about various topics such as menstruation, pregnancy or pregnancy termination.

Here are a few things which you should know about your vagina during menstruation.

It’s releasing a hormone called prostaglandin

When you’re on your menstruation, the vagina releases prostaglandin hormone. It also causes contraction of the uterine lining due to which you experience intense abdomen pain during the 5 days of menstruation. This element is also found in abortion pills and hence the pill is taken to induce heavy vaginal bleeding and expelling of pregnancy tissues from the body. However, this should not be mistaken with the menstrual period.

Overproduction of yeast and bacteria

Your vaginal ph level depends on your menstrual cycle. There’s a high possibility of overproduction a hormone of yeast bacteria. This bacteria is the reason why your vagina and genital area itches so much during menstrual periods. Women health care expert advice that one should wear breathable panties during menstruation. So-called period panties and heavy pads can make things worse and cause a yeast infection.

Your vagina produces anticoagulants

Typically, your period arrives as a liquid, and there’s a reason for that. Anticoagulants! When your uterine lining sheds, your body makes anticoagulants that break your period down so it’s not as thick. What happens when this doesn’t work the way it ideally should, though? Blood clots. That’s what happens. They look disgusting and evil, but they’re quite normal. If you have an especially heavy flow, your poor little anticoagulants might not be able to keep up and do their job. Thus, we have blood clots.

Here are some tips to maintain hygiene during menstrual periods.

  • Change your pads regularly.
  • Do not cleanse your vagina with soap. You may rinse it carefully.
  • Choose your method of sanitation. Pads, menstrual cups or pads. (If you are menstruating due to medical abortion, use pads only.)

You can easily find information about menstrual periods online. There are a few online pharmacies which also sell sanitary napkins/pads/menstrual cups or tampons. Such pharmacies dedicatedly offer women health-related products and services.  

A regular menstrual cycle can determine regular ovulation. If you miss your menstrual period or have an infrequent menstrual cycle, it is advised to get a health checkup done at the earliest. A missed period can also be a sign of a pregnancy. If it is unwanted, you can use and prostaglandin pills to end an unwanted pregnancy buying Misoprostol online along with anti-progesterone pill Mifepristone.

For irregular periods, physicians may suggest pills such as Ovral G which help regulate the menstrual cycle. Do not take pills without consulting a physician. You may also look for online consultation for the same.

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