Four Things That Take Place in Your Body When You Start Having Intercourse

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After you have decided to start having intercourse with your partner, you will most likely have a whole laundry list of questions regarding what will be different from now on. Unluckily, there are no definitive answers about how you will feel emotionally after you have chosen to lose virginity, or whether the first time will be any good.

However aside from any emotional concerns which come with losing your virginity, you will most likely have inquiries about what changes will take place in your body post- intercourse. There are a few smaller physical changes, which you may or may not notice.

Four things that take place top your body when you begin having intercourse.

1Temporarily your breasts become firmer:

When you get all riled up, your nervous system gets all riled up, too, resulting the blood vessels to dilate and the tissue in your breasts to swell up. During and after intercourse, they can actually enlarge up to 25% times bigger than their normal size.

But, don’t imagine that you will be walking around for the rest of your life with superbly fir. Their size will fluctuate with your arousal.

2. Your nipples become more sensitive in general:

When you begin your new sexual life, your body begins experiencing lots of new reactions, such as increased blood flow and muscular tension in places you will experience them before, like your areola and nipples. This procedure is technically called “vasocongestion.”  Mostly, when you get aroused, you get goosebumps, your aerola swells, and the nipples become hard. The excellent part is all of these can contribute to reaching orgasm. What’s charming, although, is that these new physical responses have reprogrammed your nipples to be more sensitive in general, even when you are not getting sexy.

3. Your brain gets flooded with new happy hormones:

Orgasms release a whole lot of oxytocin, the hormone that makes you feel content, happy, and oh-so-connected with your partner after intercourse. Researchers have found that a female’s brain is capable of releasing a much bigger amount of oxytocin than in men, so know that you are in for a wild ride. Altogether, you are probably to also find that sexual encounters release dopamine that grows confidence and encourages social behavior, plus testosterone, which encourages you to speak up for yourself in other areas of your life.

Don’t be surprised if this new cocktail of hormones makes you feel a little different. After you have begun having intercourse, you may feel strangely cheerful, at least in the immediate afterglow. This is normal and the more orgasms you have in your lifetime, the more often you will be able to return to this blissful state.

4. Your Uterus and Clitoris learn to expand and contract:

It is amazing what your vagina can do. Prior to began having intercourse (or masturbating, for that matter), your clitoris and uterus were pretty inactive. Later you have started having intercourse, although, is a completely different story. Before and during the act, your clitoris swells up and your uterus grows a little bit, and within 20 minutes of winding down afterward, they return to the normal position. Not for the last time, although- you’re vaginal area won’t forget this expand-and-contract pattern, and it will return to it over and over and again in other arousing situations.

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