Ultrasound After Doing Medical Abortion

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An ultrasound test or in other words, sonography is a medical test wherein you can easily capture live images from the inside of your body through its high-frequency sound waves. There are symptoms of pregnancy termination, but a pregnancy test is something doctors and medical experts always recommend. We’ll see the role of ultrasound test in a medical abortion procedure through this blog.

When you buy abortion pills from an online or local stores Mifepristone, Generic RU 486 and Mifeprex are the options you are provided with for antiprogesterone medicines. Misoprostol and Cytolog are the pills available for prostaglandin medicines. Both these types make hormonal changes in a woman’s body to stop the pregnancy development and empty the uterus. Bleeding is an important symptom of pregnancy termination but it should not be contemplated as the confirmation of abortion status. To confirm the efficacy of the medicines of abortion, you must perform a pregnancy test.

Ultrasound being one of the accurate results giving the method, you can consider negative pregnancy results in a sonography as the confirmation of pregnancy termination.

An ultrasound test also helps you make aware of the complications involved in the procedure. Many women even perform a test before undergoing the pregnancy termination procedure. A medical abortion can only be performed when the pregnancy is up to 8-10 weeks of gestation and it is a normal pregnancy. An ultrasound test makes them understand if they are eligible for a medical abortion.

Also, if there’s any sign of infection after an abortion, an ultrasound test can warn you and suggest you get medical attention at the earliest.

Is Ultrasound the only option to confirm your pregnancy termination?

No, there are other options too. Most women prefer a home pregnancy test. This is primarily because of the tendency of women to keep the abortion situations private. An ultrasound test does not offer privacy to women as a home pregnancy test would offer them. However, with some pros, there are cons too! A home pregnancy test may not give as accurate results as an ultrasound test would give.

When to perform an ultrasound test after an abortion?

When women undergo uncomplicated pregnancy termination procedure using abortion pills such as Mifepristone and Misoprostol, the entire procedure can take time around a week or two. The possibilities of finding the pregnancy tissues in the body are high when you perform an ultrasound test only after a week of medical abortion. This can mislead women to an understanding that the abortion process has failed while it may not have.

Hence, physicians or medical experts always advise women to perform the ultrasound test 2 weeks after the abortion procedure. This way, test results do not show leftover tissues after abortion and you can be self-assured that the medical pregnancy termination process is complete.

An ultrasound after an abortion process will give an assurance about the medical abortion which other methods may not give. You only have to learn when to perform the test to get accurate results.

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