All You Need To Know About An Orgasm

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Know About an OrgasmOrgasm, in other words, climaxing is a form of expression that a partner feels for fierce sexual pleasure that occurs during sexual intercourse. It may seem a mere part of our sexual relationship but indeed an important component that helps to better our sexual performance and give satisfaction to our partners. Though there are many ways to enjoy your sexual intercourse, orgasm being unable to reach orgasm may become a problem for you or your partner. It does affect the sexual relationship in direct or indirect ways. 

People reach the orgasm phase in the following ways:

  • Vaginal intercourse.
  • Hand massage of the male reproductive organ by the woman
  • Hand massage of the vulva/vagina by the man
  • Fellatio
  • Cunnilingus
  • Anal intercourse

The penile organ in men has the largest concentration wherein the nerves trigger off orgasm. Intercourse revives and stimulates these nerves to an extent that when men indulge in sexual activity achieve orgasm.  

On the other hand, women orgasm stimulating nerves trigger off late. Although the nerves are in the vagina, they are located in the clitoris. This area is a little inside in the nub of tissue which is under the upper joining of vaginal lips.

Possible reasons for unachieved orgasm:

  • Insufficient stimulation
  • Sexual performance anxiety
  • Depression or other mood swings
  • Physically unhealthy or not fit enough to reach orgasm
  • Not having knowledge about intercourse
  • Previous disturbing sexual experience
  • MenopauseOverweight problems

Sexual intercourse makes the nerves present in the clitoris active which helps achieve orgasm in women. This is one of the reasons why women obtain orgasms mostly during intercourse only.

One of the reasons why women fail to obtain orgasm_ is that only extended intercourse does provide stimulation to the clitoris but only a little and not to a greater extent.

Women take more time to achieve orgasm in their young days, on the other hand, stimulation in adolescent men takes less time to reach orgasm. This can possibly create misunderstanding among partners because when the male partner ejaculates immediately after the intercourse starts, his female partner might be just at the start of the whole game. As women reach their early thirties, they start getting orgasms rather quickly than before and with ease as well. The case gets the opposite for men as their orgasm response slows down with age.

Advantages of an orgasm:

  • For Women:
  • Boosts testosterone levels
  • Helps sleep better
  • Relieves stress/depression
  • Lymphatic massage
  • Balances estrogen levels
  • Balances the levels of the oxytocin hormone
  • For Men:
  • Helps to get deep sleep
  • Distress
  • Helps ejaculate
  • Protects against certain heart disease


  • Understand your partner’s arousal level and play it accordingly.
  • For your female partner, she may take time in kissing, and caressing, and then get stimulated sometime later.
  • Know where your partner likes to be touched or kissed.
  • Interact while you indulge in lovemaking
  • Keep distractions away

Unwanted pregnancy anxiety can be a possible reason for women to not obtain an orgasm. However, they can buy Ovral G or similar contraceptives to come out of such fear. This helps women to be stress-free Further if at all unprotected intercourse leads to unwanted pregnancy, there are abortion pills available that terminate an early pregnancy.

Despite all said and done, many a time, people ignore this issue, however, they need to be educated in explaining the importance of orgasm and how it can impact your relationship mentally and physically.

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