What are the signs of successful abortion with pills?

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What-are-the-signs-of-successful-abortion-with-pillsAs you get signs of pregnancy, even the medical abortion procedure has certain symptoms that help you understand if the pregnancy termination procedure is getting complete or not. Both medicines in the abortion process, Mifepristone, and Misoprostol make hormonal changes in the body and bring about certain after-effects. You may buy MTP abortion kit online or the drug combination separately from the local store, the signs of a successful medical abortion remains the same.

These are not to be confused with the side effects as they are important for determining the success of abortion. Hence, the after-effects have to take place with every woman who is ending the pregnancy with abortion pills.

Following are the signs of successful medical termination of pregnancy:


These cramps are a result of prostaglandin components in the Misoprostol of the MTP kit. When you administer Misoprostol, it makes hormonal changes in the body with the help of prostaglandin components. This makes the uterine lining contract, thereby, making cramps in the abdominal area.

The cramps could be slightly severe than what you encounter during menstruation. These cramps can last for up to a few hours.


Bleeding is an important part of medical pregnancy termination. If you do not bleed, it can say that the abortion procedure is incomplete. Bleeding is also a result of Misoprostol abortion pill and its prostaglandin components.

As the lining of the uterus contracts, it stats shedding within a few hours. Depending on the gestation of your pregnancy, the bleeding lasts up to a week.

Should you check your pregnancy post-abortion?

Yes, even though the aforementioned symptoms of pregnancy termination suggest that your procedure is getting complete, you should check your pregnancy. With this, you can understand the efficacy to order abortion pill online and get accurate results.

When should you take a pregnancy test:

A medical pregnancy termination procedure gets completed within 2-6 days. At times, it can take around a week or two. You can check your pregnancy status 10-14 days after you administer the abortion pills.

If you check your pregnancy soon after the bleeding stops, it may not give you accurate results and may put you into an unnecessary panic situation. It is better that you check your pregnancy after two weeks.

If the abortion status shows incomplete, you can immediately take medical attention. Though the case is rare, you can still end the pregnancy if the gestation of your pregnancy is within 9 weeks. For this, your healthcare provider may ask you to repeat the dose.

If you have already crossed your gestation and the abortion is incomplete, you may have to terminate the pregnancy through a surgical abortion. That being said, women who follow every instruction given in the medical abortion procedure typically get positive abortion results.

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