What Should You Expect After The Abortion?

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After an abortion you may receive instructions for after care from your doctor. It is very vital that you follow such instructions that you have been prescribed.  To help to reduce risk of infection, you may be instructed to avoid certain things, such as:

  • Having vaginal intercourse
  • Using tampons (instead of pads)
  • Taking baths
  • Douching
  • Swimming

You may take help of a healthcare provider, if you become anxious about your condition. If you develop any of the following symptoms, you will need to contact your abortion provider.

  • Severe cramps
  • Fever or chills of 100.4° or more
  • Bleeding that is heaviest than your normal menstrual cycle, or if two or more sanitary pads are drenched for an hour or even more
  • Bad-odor discharge from your vagina
  • Counting symptoms of pregnancy

In a pregnancy termination with abortion pills procedure, the provider confirms that the abortion is successful with the help of ultrasound. You should go to your post-abortion appointment, even if you feel fine.

Some females choose to go to their women’s health practitioner or regular family doctor for their follow-up exam. You may want to decide that your GP will support your choice because it is necessary that you tell them that you had an abortion.

Taking care of you:

These activities and resources may assist you work through any concerns you might be having following a pregnancy termination. But if the information does not fit your personal needs, you are suggested that you look for the help of an unbiased, trained counselor who can help you overcome your own feelings.

Get a post-abortion Checkup:

Many women feel physically well very shortly following an abortion. While some women, still may be concerned about, if there were any physical complication due to abortion or whether they will be able to get pregnant when they want to in the future. During an after-abortion checkup (about 14 days later), a physician, can allay anxieties of this sort and can answer questions that a woman may not have thought to ask at the time of her abortion.  Most women feel reassurance and relief after their post-abortion checkup and many abortive services support this checkup and provide it free of cost.

Talk to someone you trust:

Most females are ready to put the unintended pregnancy and the abortion behind them and move on with their lives. Meanwhile, others feel the need to talk about the experience and their feelings about it with someone other than their abortive services. Discussing with a caring and supportive person can be both useful and comforting.  You may choose a partner, counselor, friend, family member, or someone else who supports positively, and isn’t judgmental about the choice you made.

Write down your thoughts:

Females can review the issue they faced both regarding the pregnancy itself and about other life issues, like jobs, relationships, family, housing, friends, and the options they considered, as well as the positive and negative they looked at in making their choice. Also, some find that separating all the issues involved in their decision, and writing them down, or saying them out loud to themselves.

Envision your future:

For numerous females, their choice of having pregnancy termination is interrelated to their plans and hopes for their future.  Predicting what they desire in their life to be like in 5 days, 5 months, or 5 years. Thinking about how they want to live now in order to understand the future they most desire can help some females who may be having difficulty. By analyzing themselves into the future, few people can direct themselves toward emotional health.

Stay Mentally Positive:

Many people believe that they made the best choice they could at the time given their resources, their values, and obligations. Few find it helpful to repeat that positive statement to them at times when they feel doubtful, sad, or worried. While others have kinds of poetic lines, or mantras, or statements, as simple as ‘peace’, which they find gives them comfort and reduces anxiety when recited.

Stay Mentally Active:

Females usually return to their normal activities and interests very shortly following a pregnancy termination procedure. A female who is finding it difficult to do that may take up a new or creative activity, like painting, writing poetry, or keeping a journal. Most people find that a creative outlet can help them work through their feelings.

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