Which Pill Should You Take With Mifeprex?

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which-pill-should-you-take-with-mifeprexMifeprex is a key medicine in the medical termination of pregnancy. However, for a complete abortion procedure, Mifeprex cannot perform it alone. Medical abortion is a process done through a medicine combination. Since there are many options before women to buy abortion pills online, it is evident to get confused and not understand which one to choose.

This blog helps women understand which abortion pill should they take to complete the pregnancy ending process.

What is the role of Mifeprex in the abortion procedure?

The Mifeprex abortion pill function to end pregnancy growth. The anti-progesterone components that it has, it works against hormones which are accountable for the development in the pregnancy.

Mifeprex plays a key role in separating the fetus from the womb. Without the fetus being detached from the uterus, the other supportive abortion pills cannot remove pregnancy contents from the body.

What are the abortion pill options available?

Cytolog and Misoprostol are the options available with a woman to support her Mifeprex medication. Doctors typically advise administering 4 pills of Cytolog or Misoprostol 24 hours after the consumption of Mifeprex.

The four pills ( each 200 mcg ) are administered either buccally or vaginally. As they dissolve in the body, the woman begins experiencing stomach pain and vaginal bleeding. The changes indicate that the medical pregnancy termination procedure is underway and will be complete soon.

The prostaglandin constituents shrink the uterus and eventually eliminates pregnancy tissues from the body. The process of removing tissues soon after Cytolog/Misoprostol consumption.

The bleeding may last up to a week while for some women, it may be for 2 days. Whichever the case may be, it largely depends on the gestation of pregnancy. It also depends on how your body reacts to medications.

Can Mifeprex abort the pregnancy alone?

After the pregnancy growth is stopped by Mifeprex pill, it requires another medication to remove detached fetal contents from the body. It alone cannot eject pregnancy tissues. For the pregnancy termination to be complete, the woman must have the other pill having prostaglandin components.

Though Mifeprex is an important part of the process, Cytolog or Misoprostol is also equally crucial. It is advised to speak to your healthcare provider to know which pill you should opt for.

If you followed the instructions, both abortion pills bring about a successful termination of an unwanted pregnancy. You only have to make sure that you are eligible to take abortion pills and administer them in the right manner.

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