Who should not have a Medical Abortion

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who-should-not-have-medical-abortionMedical abortion is a safe solution to an unwanted pregnancy up to 63 days of gestation. However, the method has its limitations. Pregnancy termination medicines do not work in certain cases.

Though it has become convenient to buy abortion pills online and privately perform medical abortion, you should first ensure that you are eligible for consuming these pregnancy termination medicines.

Go through the following points to know who all can have abortion pills for ending their unwanted pregnancy.

Woman with more than 9 weeks of pregnancy:

Though medical abortion ends the first-trimester pregnancy, it is effective only on the ones which are below 9 weeks of gestation. If your pregnancy is more than 9 weeks gestation, you should speak to your healthcare provider. They may advise you undergoing a surgical abortion method.

Woman with ectopic pregnancy:

Ectopic pregnancy is when the fetus grows outside the uterus. In the medical abortion procedure, abortion pills make hormonal changes and empty the uterus. Hence, the abortion pills are sufficient enough to remove fetal contents which are outside the uterus.

Therefore, it is suggested that you see a doctor for an ectopic pregnancy. Women should note that these are the reasons why medical experts always suggest doing sonography before undergoing an abortion. If you took abortion pills for an ectopic pregnancy, it may lead to an incomplete abortion or complications in the woman’s health.

Women with below 18 years age:

A woman whose age is below 18 years may have a vulnerable uterus which may not cope up with the power of abortion pills. In certain areas, women are allowed to have a medical abortion provided that their parents consent for the procedure. However, it is advised not to have a medical abortion and show it to the healthcare provider to safely end the pregnancy through other methods.

Women who are allergic to abortion pill components:

If you are allergic to any of the abortion pill constituents such as anti-progesterone – found in Mifepristone or prostaglandin – found in Misoprostol, it can lead to health complications for the woman.

To avoid any of the aforementioned risks, you must simply go to the healthcare provider and see if you are eligible for medical abortion. That’s why many online pharmacies have made it compulsory to submit a prescription while buying abortion pills online.

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