Why ultrasound is important before medical pregnancy termination?

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why-ultrasound-important-before-medical-pregnancy-terminationA home pregnancy test may not always give you accurate results of pregnancy. Most medical experts suggest an ultrasound test be done before you undergo the medical pregnancy termination process of buy medication to end the pregnancy at home.

What is the eligibility for medical abortion:

To get a medical abortion done, you must be pregnant. To perform medical termination of pregnancy, you have to an adult with more than 18 years of age. Also, one of the important factors that influence the method of abortion is its nature. If you wish to end the pregnancy using abortion pills, the pregnancy has to be normal.

What does an Ultrasound test tell you:

An ultrasound test is conducted to check the development of pregnancy. It also tells you if you’re pregnant with multiple pregnancies. When you understand the development of the fetus, the doctor can tell you better if the abortion pills are going to work on stopping its growth removing the fetal tissues from the body.

One of the primary results from an ultrasound examination is confirmation of a normal pregnancy. If there’s any abnormality such as ectopic pregnancy, you’ll be informed through the test.

An ultrasound test is more accurate than any other test that you may take for checking the pregnancy. One of the positive aspects of the test is that it is a non-invasive and safe method understanding your pregnancy test which does not cause pain to your body.

How does an ultrasound test help you in the process of medical abortion?

If you’re pregnant with any an ectopic pregnancy, your physician may help you to have a surgical abortion. It can also help a healthcare provider to tell you the expected changes in the body while ending the pregnancy depending on the development of pregnancy.

Hence even the online pharmacies today ask for a prescription before offering abortion pills to women. When you have a prescription letter, it guarantees that your physician has examined you properly and suggests that the prescribed abortion pills suit your body. Some women even consider taking a test after they have terminated the pregnancy using abortion pills.

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