Why women have abortion

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It is often a topic of debate between the pro-choice (pregnancy termination supporters), and pro-life (opponents of pregnancy ending) groups. In many states, the rights to abortion are now recognized mainly, if the conception happens due to rape, fetal deformity, or the woman’s life is threatened because of the pregnancy or a health issue/s. Here is an insight into why a woman may choose or need to get end her pregnancy. The article will also take about safety/precaution tips and abortion methods.

Why a Woman May Want/Has to End Her Pregnancy?

A female may need or wish to end her pregnancy given a reason. Normally, abortion is a hard decision for most women. They could be going through a difficult phase that forces or nudges them to take the decision. Sometimes there is no choice, but to get pregnancy terminated to save at least the woman’s life. There are a lot of accusations for those who undergo pregnancy termination, while there are many who respect a female’s stance about her body, and what she wants do with it.

Here are the common events, which could incite a person to terminate their pregnancy:

  • Sexual Abuse: Instances of rape are the prime reason for many pregnancy terminations. A female who has been sexually abused may want to get rid of her pregnancy given the strain of emotional responses it triggers and interference in her life. Sometimes, the woman is of a tender age and cannot continue pregnancy due to health reasons. In most states, laws are a bit relaxed to allow such women to obtain abortion.
  • Life-Threatened: Pregnancy is a tender phase. The woman’s and well and the fetus’s health has to be suitable throughout for a healthy delivery. Sometimes, the female is suddenly faced with a critical health issue or the fetus is confronting a dreadful disease, which makes carrying a pregnancy to full-term, life threatening. In such an event, the woman may have to undergo an abortion.
  • Fetal Deformity: In case a fetus is diagnosed of birth defects, then the woman in some regions have the right to decide to keep her pregnancy or not. If the baby is soon going to die after birth, or the deformity would cause trouble to female’s health, then it is usually terminated.
  • Accidental Pregnancy: Even after using birth control, sometimes pregnancies happen, and could be termed as accidental or unwanted. Women above 30’s or 35’s are at increased risk of complications, if they have to deliver a child. Some females are already with too many kids to bring another one in the world, or the pregnancy could happen at a time, when the person is unprepared to handle it. Hence, an abortion could be the chosen by such women.

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