Will past abortion affect your future pregnancy?

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will-past-abortion-affect-future-pregnancyWhen a woman wishes to end her pregnancy, it is often the situation that makes her abort the pregnancy. Who wouldn’t want to have babies and start a family as they get married! Even after having a pregnancy termination situation, at some point in life women plan to begin the second chapter of their life, starting a family. In such cases, does your previous medical abortion affect your desires of getting pregnant?

“Yeah, it is very natural to feel insecure when you buy abortion pills online to end the pregnancy. Without knowing how these medicines will have an impact on your body or your future pregnancy, nobody wants to end the pregnancy with the medical abortion procedure. However, I spoke to the customer care team when bought the medicines. Was happy to know that it would not have any impact on the medicines.”


I have an adorable baby who is perfectly fine with her health. I had a medical termination of pregnancy almost 3 years back. I did not have thought of future pregnancies at that time. However, when I got pregnant last year, it scared me that my previous abortion may create complications in my pregnancy. But nothing happened. My pregnancy was normal like any other woman would have.

The aforementioned experiences are from women who have used MTP kit to end their unwanted pregnancy. These experiences are not rare cases. The procedure of medical abortion is safe for a woman who is pregnant with up to 9 weeks of gestation ( and with a normal pregnancy)

Sometimes women believe that the cost of abortion pills determine the safety of the medication and procedure which is clearly untrue. You can get pregnancy termination pills at an affordable rate and still end the pregnancy safely.

These pills make hormonal changes in the body and carefully remove the pregnancy tissues through heavy vaginal bleeding. These are an integral part of the process which has to take place if one wishes to end the pregnancy. There are some side effects too. However, all the side effects of pregnancy termination pills are temporary and do not affect the woman’s body or her pregnancy in any manner.

Hence, the process of medical pregnancy termination does not have any impact on the future pregnancies that a woman has. That is why women are often advised to use contraception soon after they end their pregnancy.

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