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The 26th of August 2018 was a gender-centric day referred to as the “Women’s Equality Day”. Perhaps one of the more days we celebrate about how and what women have achieved, and are in the process of affecting society on this specific day (although we do have women’s day!).

Consequently, the day marks the 19th amendment process of the U. S Constitution, which gave women the adequate right to vote (now we know what’s different!).

The history of the amendment was originally received as an adoption to the voting rights on 26th of August 1920, celebrated as a holiday until the year 1971 when a Congress leader named Rep. Bella Abzug, decided to give a specific mark to this particular occasion every year.


 History dates back when the movement began formally in the year 1848, venues at the Seneca Falls convention, organized mainly by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and another woman named Lucretia Mott. Additionally, this convention was marked by the presence of nearly 200 plus women who decided to have a discussion on the women right involving largely on various political, religious and socioeconomic status at their condition in the society. Nevertheless, the process has largely been adopted and a consequent change been seen around the status of women in the US.

As years passed on, all the male citizens were having sole rights to vote in for the U. S elections, considering the 15th amendment act, which gave equal voting rights to even the black people (men). Ordinarily, black men were prohibited previously from the voting rights, giving them a chance to manageable vote for the elections, questioned the barred status of all the women who were gendered wise discriminated.

Sen. Aaron A. Sargent was the first woman who introduced the 19th amendment to the Congress. Subsequently, this was carried on behalf of Susan B. Anthony and Cady Stanton, suffragettes. The process took around 40 years to get approved by the government, the result of which it has been stretched long enough till the present. Consequently, the amendment was passed on successfully with more than two-thirds votes being present in the House of May 1919, along with the Senate in next month of June 1919. Over the month of August 18th, 1920, it was confirmed and subsequently on August 26, certified by the U.S Secretary of the state.

AS for the centuries passed, women have been given the right to vote, but considering several situations there’s a still long way for this (given as a thought!).


Presently, several media campaigns and social media write-ups with hashtags have emerged largely since the advent of women in being equal. The #MeToo movement largely highlighted a portion of sexual harassment cases which may or may not be termed as assault, faced by women in the workplace and public areas. Additionally, president Donald Trump has further nominated judge Brett Kavanaugh to join supreme court and save Roe V. Wade, a landmark case of abortion rights in the US.

While on the other side, women in office and workplace, make a bit less money than men counterparts, which however have been drastically reversed or been the same in the current century. On the contrary, color has been affecting both the gender, with black women being on the advantageous side than black men.

Not to forget, Women’s Equality day is not the foremost women-centric day celebrated across the globe. Ordinarily, several movements and celebrations have been followed up which marks the sense of equality to women (which are also being misused). Additionally, online abortion pills, have been on the rise regarding several campaigns to support women abortions.

Past history, counted mostly on the discrimination which was based on bodied, cisgender issues and white women, who were not identified in a specific way. Conversely, the current trend has largely diverted social media write-ups, and feminism fashion challenging other genders, inappropriately.

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