Abortion: Why you should speak up!

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medical abortion talkIn a recent interview with a woman who underwent a medical abortion procedure,  our team assimilated that why there’s a need to openly talk about medical abortion. ‘I was under stress for almost 5 days until I spoke to my best friend and then my partner’. I felt relieved and it helped me gain confidence while taking abortion pill and terminating the pregnancy,’’ says Alaba from Texas who recently aborted her unintended pregnancy due to career reasons.

Shedding the light open abortion discussion, the blog helps you learn how to talk about abortion.

Reach out to your partner:

The first person to share the news with should always be your partner. If he Your partner may not be able to share the pain you would face during the abortion process, but may find the best online store which is safe to buy abortion pills.

Tell him your thoughts on the pregnancy. If he wishes to have a baby, you can convince him why you think you should wait for the right moment and start a family or any other reasons for abortion that you have. In such circumstances maintaining a transparency helps solve a lot of emotional issues.

Tell your loved ones:

If you feel too uncomfortable to talk to your partner, you can consider speaking to your closed pals such as your best friend, a close colleague, sister or parents, whoever you feel comfortable with. Sometimes your closed pals show you the right path.

They may guide you to a right path and help to share the emotional pain. If not, they would surely help you talk to your partner about the unwanted pregnancy and abortion decision.  You loved ones may pamper you with movies and music or anything that you like. Most importantly, they would bring positivity around you which would help you recover from the abortion process soon.

Speak up through online platforms:

There are a few women who do speak up about their abortion to anyone or anywhere. Such women tend to go through emotional trauma and a lot of stress. Thanks to the digital world! If you have bought online abortion pill, the same online pharmacy may have a team of medical experts and customer care team. You can always open up there.

There are a few websites which offer a platform for women who can share their different experiences. Be it talking about their unwanted pregnancy and abortion or their survival story from a severe disease. Sharing always acts as a stress buster.

Abortion is a delicate issue in a woman’s life that needs to be handled well. You should never take a pregnancy termination decision in a hurry or in the nick of time. Of course, you should make a decision at the earliest since medical abortion works for a pregnancy up to 8-10 weeks of gestation. However, the decision has to be thoughtful enough to not make you regret after taking it.

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