Why anti-abortion laws should be nullified?

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Since the abortion was first legalized in the US in 1973, in an unprecedented decision of the Supreme Court, abortion has legislatively, morally and politically attacked by many groups to have it banned. As per two different points of views, the subject of pregnancy termination has long been contested over time. This contention represented the views of modern women who seek the right to make their own reproductive choices.

Even if three decades have passed since its legalization, many anti-abortions do not approve of pregnancy termination as according to them, it goes against nature or God’s will. The legality of abortion, however cannot rest on a number of people’s personal beliefs, therefore such laws cannot be enforced on the rest of the demographic.

Enforcing an anti-abortion law is impossible

A pregnancy doesn’t just constitute of carrying it till childbirth. Ideally, it includes proper planning (emotionally and financially) to raise the child. However, as reports shows, that is not always the case. There are still significant numbers of unintended pregnancies, notable enough to warrant the high number of abortions where it is legal and high amounts of illegal terminations where it is illegal.

This symbolizes that pregnancy termination is just an inescapable part of our society. Any form of ban or restriction would be therefore impossible to enforce. Those who are financially unable or do not want to see the pregnancy to its full term or bring up a child, will continue to seek illegal means for aborting. If a ban is imposed, it will significantly increase the unsafe procedures and further increase the maternal mortality rate. As these are productive lives, the potential of their lives will not be realized if they are enforced to do something that the society forces them to do.

It is reported that countries like Poland, Ireland and South America that only allow abortive procedures in certain cases, women there increasingly buy abortion pill online.

It is humane

There are several misconceptions about fetus being in pain during the abortive procedure. This however is not true. Many studies show that the fetus do not feel any pain, as their pain receptors are not fully developed yet. Neurologists argue that the cortex that is required for feeling pain is not developed until the 26th week of the pregnancy. Most abortions happen during the first trimester. If women opt for termination through medication, they can buy abortion pills online or at pharmacy, given that they are within 10 week of gestation. Therefore even for healthy pregnancies, abortive procedure is a humane option for whatever reasons the mother may be undergoing.

In cases where the fetus is in threat of suffering from severe disease which may result in a short painful life, it is a humane option for the mother to abort.

Rather than questioning its morality, it must be allowed as an option to mitigate certain situations

Many pro-life advocate their reasoning depending upon morality. The issue of abortion however is not a moral one and if it were several criminal justice systems, wars and other state security laws would be illegal as well. Yet these things that most would describe ‘morally wrong’ are present constantly now and have been in the past as they account for circumstances that validated the act. Here abortion too, is an example of the above where it is not the question of morality but the question of freedom of choosing the right to life and safety.

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