Breast changes during pregnancy: By Trimester

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breast-changes-during-pregnancyAlthough pregnancy appears to be more about a baby growing inside your body, almost your entire body reacts to the pregnancy news. Changes in the breasts and nipples are no exception. You can monitor the changes taking place in your breasts and nipple as trimester pass by. You can learn more about women reproductive healthcare and understand if there are any odd changes taking place.

First Trimester:

Women often experience breast changes during their early pregnancy. Healthcare experts suggest the changes in the breast is one of the early signs of pregnancy. Hormonal changes in the body change the structure of the breast, especially the nipples.

Your breasts may grow a little bigger than before. You may have to buy new bras since the old ones may not fit. Also, you should avoid using wired bra during pregnancy.

The breasts happen to be sensitive and tender for around 3-4 weeks. Since this is one of the first signs of pregnancy, you get time to decide if you wish to continue the pregnancy or end it and plan later.

If the latter is the case, you can buy abortion pills and end the pregnancy at home. You only have to ensure that your pregnancy weeks have not crossed 63 days.

Second trimester:

When you cross 14th week of the pregnancy, new cells form in your breast which produces milk and they become distinctly active by the 15th week. As you come around 22nd week of pregnancy, the milk is produced in the body. However, your body absorbs again most of this milk.

Speaking of the nipples, you may observe areolae in the nipples becoming dark and large. Some women notice bumps in the surrounding as the muscles in breast produce oil to ensure than the breasts to become sore or get exposed to any kind of infection.

Breast changes in the third trimester:

In the third trimester, since your breasts are producing milk, become heavy in the last trimester. You can consider wearing a sports bra during this time. Since you have to be ready for nursing, you can get breastfeeding bras for the after-delivery period.

You may observe the breasts getting bigger than how it was in the first trimester. At the end of the third trimester, your nipples may start leaking a bit. The milk coming out is more likely to be thick and sticky.

This is a delicate period of the pregnancy and hence it is advised to visit a women healthcare expert to ensure that you don’t develop any negative health condition during the pregnancy.

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