Can body shape change after medical abortion?

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Can body shape change after medical abortion

Whenever choosing a method of pregnancy termination, the after effects is something women are often interested in. Be it a matter of side effects of abortion on their body, fertility or future pregnancies, pregnancy termination becomes a delicate issue considering all such factors.

There are two types of abortion. Medical abortion which is also called a non-invasive method of terminating an unwanted pregnancy. The other method is a surgical one which is induced a way of ending a pregnancy.

In the procedure of medical abortion, women purchase abortion pill online like Mifeprex and Cytolog or MTP kit to end the unwanted pregnancy up to 9 weeks. The medication does not work on pregnancies with more than 9 weeks of gestation.

The abortion pills stop the growth of the embryo, remove its tissues from the body after detaching it from the body. The whole process takes around 2 weeks to successfully end the pregnancy. If you have taken care of precautions told during the course, you are more likely to get rid of belly fat soon after the procedure.

In the case of surgical abortion, the fetus or the embryo is removed from the uterus through suction or dilation method.

Whichever method you choose for terminating an unwanted pregnancy, the belly fats can take time to get reduced. Especially with surgical abortion, since it can be done on pregnancies up to 21 weeks when the belly may have already grown bigger, the reduction in the belly fat can take time.

The belly grown during your early pregnancy could be only an inch bigger. Hence, when you perform medical abortion, you may not have to work much on reducing the belly fats.

With simple exercise and proper diet maintained, women can reduce the belly fats within a few weeks. Especially if the pregnancy was ended during the first few weeks when the belly hadn’t grown much, reducing the belly fats become easier.

If you still find yourself struggling to get thin again, you should consider speaking to a nutritionist. He/she can give you a proper diet to be followed after medical termination of pregnancy. If you have chosen the surgical method for ending an unwanted pregnancy, you may have to struggle a bit to get back to your normal shape.

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