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Why women have abortion

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It is often a topic of debate between the pro-choice (pregnancy termination supporters), and pro-life (opponents of pregnancy ending) groups. In many states, the rights to abortion are now recognized mainly, if the conception happens due to rape, fetal deformity, or the woman’s life is threatened because of the pregnancy or a health issue/s. Here is an insight into why a woman may choose or need to get end her pregnancy. The article will also take about safety/precaution tips and abortion methods. Why a Woman May Want/Has to End Her Pregnancy? A female may need or wish to end her pregnancy given a reason. Normally, abortion is a hard decision for most women. They could be going through a difficult phase that forces or nudges them to take the decision. Sometimes there is no choice, but to get pregnancy terminated to save at least the woman’s life. There are a lot of accusations for those who undergo pregnancy termination, while there are many who respect a female’s stance about her body, and what she wants do with it. Here are the common events, which could incite a person to terminate their pregnancy: Sexual Abuse: Instances of rape are the prime... View Article

Abortion Methods

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A female can choose from three types of abortion methods- medical (use of medicines), surgery (invasive technique utilizing instruments), and chemicals (injectable drugs or chemicals for ending pregnancy). Here is an in-depth analysis and information of these pregnancy termination methods mentioned below. Users are requested to know that the details are purely informational, and the medical practices in real may or may not differ. Speak to doctor before proceeding with any of these techniques. Medical Abortions In medical regimens, administration of FDA approved drugs is done to abort the fetus. A female can take the abortion pills at home without the presence of doctor required. This system is followed in early trimester when a woman is between 4 to 10 weeks pregnant. Any procedure above this gestation age is done by invasive technique. The person may require three follow-up visits to doctor, one to get the medicines, second to note the progress, and third (after 14 days of treatment) to analyze if medicines worked to end the pregnancy. In case by some possibility the abortion pills fail, then surgical intervention is done to complete pregnancy termination. However, a majority of pregnancy endings are done in the first trimester only, and... View Article

Abortion Safety and Precautions

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Abortion means terminating an already existing pregnancy via drug (medical), surgery, chemical, or other methods. The woman is pregnant for 9 months and 10 days before delivering a child. Prior to delivery, termination of pregnancy can happen at any stage. If the abortion is done at 10 weeks or lesser, the woman’s health is unaffected. As the gestation (days passed from the time of the first day of the person’s last period to the current pregnancy day) age increases, the risks of complications may rise. Given the nature of the regimen, abortion has attained a contentious status around the world. Precaution for abortion There are no particular criteria as to surgical procedures of pregnancy termination, besides the basic health requirements for the safety relating to the well-being of heart/insulin levels/blood system. But, if the woman wants to undergo a medical or drug-induced abortion, there are certain conditions to observe, which are mentioned here: The female must not have an ectopic pregnancy (fetus growing outside the womb). She must not be allergic to abortion pills, or over 35 years old, and should be less than 12 weeks pregnant. The person must not suffer from adrenal gland/liver/kidney/heart disorder. She should not be... View Article