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8 Tips for Talking To Your Teen about Pregnancy Prevention

May 5, 2017 10:17 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Teenagers constantly say that parents mostly influence their decisions about relationships and intercourse, and not the peers, partners or popular culture. Believe it or not, but that’s true, your teens like to hear from YOU. This can be of great pressure; however it doesn’t have to be. The following eight tips can help you guide during rational, thoughtful, and (hopefully) a little bit less awkward discussion with the youths in your life about the most awkward subject- intercourse. Discuss with your child regarding intercourse and often (in age-proper ways) and be precise about your family’s expectations and values about dating and sexual activity. Develop a culture of frankness in your family- Be a parent who asks and permit your child to share their feelings without fear of derision or reprisal. Consider your child’s emotions as they are valid, and do not ignore them just because they are adolescent. Teenager’s emotions are very genuine so value your child if you get to know or they tell you that they are in love. Listen more than you talk or as much as you could. From them your words are important, but equally important is making sure that your child feels that their... View Article

Frequently Asked Questions: Birth Control

April 21, 2017 11:29 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Sometimes people are too busy, too embarrassed or just don’t know the answers of many questions regarding birth control pills. Does Birth control make you fat? The studies over and over again about this have shown the same thing, specifically which the pill does not make you fat. A woman who buy ovral G birth control for the first time to start it, undergo many bodily changes. A birth control pill can be used without an expected weight gain. Thus, you can go ahead, purchase those new skinny-leg jeans, and begin your birth control the same day. How long does it take for birth control pills to work? Effectiveness of the pill depends on which day of your period you began taking it. If you began it on first day of bleeding then it is effectual right away. If you began on 5th day then it is effective in 14 days time- any other starting point is not safe until you start begin two of the pill. How long until birth control pill is effective? When you take the pill daily, it’s great at preventing pregnancy. However, missing tablets, taking certain drugs, and other things may make it not work... View Article

Going Off the Birth Control Pill: Some Essential Facts, One Must Be Aware Of

March 31, 2017 9:11 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Whether you have been ordering and having birth control pill online for a decade or have only been on it a year or so, probabilities are you will still feel some effects from going off it. Suppose you are switching to optional birth-control methods or hoping to conceive soon, there are certain things you must be aware of about going off the pill. You can Conceive: It is obvious that once a woman is off the birth control pill you can conceive in the absence of other birth-control methods. The timing differs from person to person, and it can take up to a few months for your period to return. However, once your ovulation starts again, there are chances of yours to conceive immediately. If deciding to become pregnant, it is always better to re-schedule an appointment of preconception with your GP, to discuss going off any pill and planning for pregnancy. You might have Premenstrual syndrome (PMS): Particularly if the reason you originally buy ovral L (oral contraceptive) was to combat the painful symptoms of PMS, they can start to rear their ugly head once again. Basically, you can expect your PMS to return to how it was before... View Article

Is Birth Control Pill Still Effective, Even If Taken A Couple Of Hours Late?

March 10, 2017 5:06 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Men and women both can try diverse methods to avert unwanted pregnancy. Nearly all women depend on ‘the pill’ that is a hormonal birth control form which they take verbally, simply with water. The good thing is that, this form of contraception is 99.9% effective, if you take it appropriately. This means you need to use it in a correct way or else you are more likely to become pregnant yet after consumption of the pill. A number of women ruminate over a common question- ‘What are the chances to getting pregnant if you took the birth control pill 2 hours later?’ Let’s know more regarding it. Does birth control pill remain effective, when taken 2 hours later? Of course, the tablet is effective even if you take it a couple of hours after the advised time. You typically need to consume your pill once a day if you are on combined-hormone medicines. The best thing with combined-hormone tablets is that you do not have to take them at the same time daily. Your chances of getting pregnancy would occur only if you do take the pill for a week or so. This generally happens when a woman does not... View Article