How should you take Misoprostol Vaginally?

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Method to use Misoprostol vaginally

Misoprostol is a medicine that contributes to terminating an unwanted pregnancy. Women can easily find this abortion pill online. The pill has two methods of administration while we’ll see the vaginal method on this blog.

When you buy MTP kit online or from a nearby store, you receive Misoprostol along with the other pill Mifepristone. Misoprostol has to be administered 24 hours after the Mifepristone intake.

The pill has a prostaglandin element which causes contraction of the uterine lining. It eventually leads to heavy vaginal bleeding which lasts up to 4-10 days depending on the gestation period and the body type.

As stated before, Misoprostol has two methods of administering it:

    • Buccally
  • Vaginally

We’ll see how the pill has to be taken vaginally:

Wash your hands properly and get into a comfortable position with which you can insert the pills into your vagina, You may squat, lie down or stand on one leg while the other one laying on a table. Carefully place the 4 misoprostol pills into your vagina, one at a time. You may place 2 pills on each side. Once you place it as instructed, push it with the index finger in a way that the pills shouldn’t fall down. Also, follow the precautions given below when you are taking the tablets vaginally.


    • Empty your bladder
    • Make sure your hands are clean and dry
    • Insert 4 misoprostol pills one by one inside the vagina till your finger reaches.
    • Do not urinate for at least half an hour once the pills are placed.
  • In case the pill falls down, you may reinsert them.

Why is the vaginal intake better than the other one?

When you administer the pills buccally, the pills are expected to remain in the cheek pouches for at least half an hour. When you’re pregnant, the typical nauseous feeling experienced during pregnancy continues in your abortion phase too. In case, you vomit while tablets are in your cheek pouches, the pills also might get thrown out. As a result, the working of Misoprostol will be incomplete.

On the other hand, when administering the pills through the vagina, even if you vomit, the pills can remain in the place and you can complete the dosage without any interruption. You only have to follow the instructions properly.

Note: Rare cases have shown that women start bleeding after taking the first pill itself. In such a case, women are advised not to administer the tablets vaginally. The intake can be buccal.

Studies have shown that the vaginal intake of Misoprostol has more efficacy than the other method. When you buy abortion pill kit online, you may also find the information relating to your medical abortion. There are many medical experts who address such topics or provide personal guidance through different websites. You only have to make sure that the website you have chosen is genuine and provides FDA approved medicines.

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