How To Calculate Your Ovulation Time Using Your Menstrual Cycle

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How-to-Calculate-Your-Ovulation-Time-Using-Your-Menstrual-CycleTypically, a woman’s menstrual cycle is of 28 days which also involves ovulation phase in the period. It is the time when an unfertilized egg is released from the ovary. The egg further goes to the uterus through the fallopian tubes.

You’re most fertile when you’re ovulating and that’s when is the best time to try for conception. Having intercourse during this period increases the possibilities of getting pregnant. If the released egg reaches the sperm, it gets fertilized and the woman becomes pregnant.

Women often misinterpret that having intercourse immediately after a menstrual period can not make you pregnant which is utterly untrue. The male sperm can remain in the vagina for a week and hence the possibilities of conceiving due to such unprotected intercourse cannot be denied. If you end up with an unwanted pregnancy this way, medical abortion can be an option to terminate an early pregnancy (up to 8-10 weeks). For women who have privacy concerns, you can buy abortion pills online which enable you to abort the pregnancy with complete privacy.

There is a couple of ovulation calculating devices available in the market which help you count the exact time of ovulation. You can also identify the ovulation period at home on the basis of your menstrual cycle.

Count the number of days from the menstrual periods. Ovulation typically takes place around the 14th after the menstrual period. That being stated, it may not always necessarily be the 14th day. The phase varies depending on the menstrual cycle of every woman. However, it is usually between 8th to 22nd day.

To calculate your menstrual cycle, here’s what you can do:

  • The first day of your last period. 2nd July
  • The immediate next period: 28th July
  • The menstrual cycle: 26 days.

Refer to the chart given below to understand your ovulation phase. Identify the exact phase of ovulation for your body.How-Calculate-Your-Ovulation-Time-Using-Your-Menstrual-Cycle

Physicians usually suggest not to have intercourse immediately after an abortion. However, when you buy abortion pills and perform an early pregnancy termination, the pills do not affect your fertility. Hence, when you have intercourse after a medical abortion, your ovulating period does not change, thereby not changing the chances of getting pregnant.

If you wish to prevent the pregnancy after an abortion, you can buy Ovral birth control pills or similar contraceptives as a protection during the intercourse. Birth control pills help regularize the menstrual periods and plan your pregnancy.

If you wish to get pregnant, you can come off the pill. Birth control pills do not affect your fertility in any manner. Consult your doctor to know the right time of ovulation after coming off the pills. Women can expect to conceive in a few months after coming off the pills depending on body type and the fertility of the woman.

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