Identifying the Earliest Signs of Pregnancy

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Through the first 2 weeks of pregnancy, a woman can find it hard to decide whether she is pregnant or not. These signs of pregnancy may be subtle. But, if you notice any extraordinary changes, you may be pregnant. There can be many changes, like changes in your appetite, and physical changes like pains, aches, and nausea.  If you think you are pregnant, get a home pregnancy test and consult a physician.

Below are the things that you may notice to identify the signs of pregnancy:

  • Observe your body’s energy level:

The most common early sign of pregnancy is Fatigue. You may feel tired throughout the day, even when you have not changed your routine or sleep schedule. Fatigue that is unexplained can be an early sign of pregnancy.

  • Take note of any changes in tastes:

You may not experience food cravings immediately. But, early on in pregnancy, you may unexpectedly develop a loathing for some foods. You may have an aversion to the smell of a food or drink you once did not mind or liked.

For instance, you may wake up one morning and be nauseated by the smell of your morning coffee brewing.

  • Suspect whether you have been moody:

The hormones of pregnancy can result from changes in the mood early on. You may notice you get frustrated or angry more easily or are very emotional. You may cry for silly reasons like on television shows or sad commercials more easily.

The mood swings you get may be the same as you have just before your menstrual period.

  • Keep track of your menstrual period:

A missed menstrual cycle is normally the first sign of pregnancy. You must track your menstrual period to know approximately when to predict your monthly period. If you do not undergo your menstruation within this time frame, this can be an early sign you are pregnant.

  • Note irregular nausea:

Approximately a quarter of females who are pregnant undergo nausea as the first sign of pregnancy. Your stomach may feel sick at certain times of the day. Weird smells may easily trigger feelings of sickness and nausea.

  • Pay attention to unusual bleeding/spotting:

At times implantation bleeding takes place just after pregnancy, perhaps because of fertilization. Some females may mistake this for a very light period; however, it can be a sign of pregnancy if you are also undergoing other symptoms.

Implantation bleeding or spotting is much lighter than your normal menstrual cycle. The color also may differ from normal usual menstruation. You may only notice it when you wipe. The color also may differ from a regular menstrual cycle. It may be brown-colored or more pink than normal.

  • Find out if you have normal aches and pains:

Pregnancy can cause unpredicted physical discomfort. Normally, this takes the form of mild uterine cramping also tender, sore breasts.

Like many symptoms of pregnancy, these are often the same pains you may experience just before your menstrual cycle.

  • Evaluate for changes in urination habits:

In pregnancy, your kidneys produce extra fluids because of the increased levels of blood in your body. A number of females notice increased urination during pregnancy. If you find yourself using the bathroom more regularly, this could be an early sign that you are pregnant.

Identifying the above signs of the earliest pregnancy may help you to determine whether you are pregnant are not. If you get to know you’re pregnant, you can either continue your pregnancy or can terminate it through abortion pills as per your choice. It is solely a woman’s decision to be pregnant or not.

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